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Sit-In Sit-In v0.1

Want to do something about spam? Organize a sit-in! The SitIn app makes it easy to organize, publicize, and participate in a sit-in demonstration. By staging a sit-in at a spammer client web site or a physical location, we can genuinely (and legally) discourage the spammer's clients from using spam in the first place.
NOTE: this version is especially for devices using Android versions 2 or 3.

Social Hearts Social Hearts v1.07

You do not want to say it with words?
Send a Social Hearts via the major social networks, messaging systems and emails.

Shout App Shout App v2.1.4

Shout, lets you express yourself to the world around you. SHOUTing is as simple as real life shouting. You post a shout message and anyone with the app around you will be able to view what you have shouted. No need to have a network. No need to add any friends. It will transform the way people unite.

Bubbletalk Bubbletalk v1.1.6

A simple picture exchange and message exchange application with friends around the world

SwiftChat SwiftChat v5.2

SwiftChat is the global network to meet and chat with new people and do fun things!

1board 1board v2.2.0

1board: Facebook, Twitter, VK, Odnoklassniki, Swarm/Foursquare and Instagram in one feed. If you are active social networker then read, comment and write posts to multiple networks using one single app!

AddMe AddMe v1.1

AddMe makes easy and quick add friends

Tell Your Secret Tell Your Secret v1.0

Tell your secret is your place to write your secrets, Don't tell anyone... Tell everybody!

Share it Share it v1.0.0.2

Share Everything

Video Chat Video Chat v0.1.6

FlirtyMania is a free video chat on mobile and tablets. Chat with girls and guys from around the world.

Forum Fiend Forum Fiend v1.3.3

Forum Fiend is a free forum viewer for many popular web forums found on the internet.

Pretweeted Pretweeted v2.0

For Twitter Power Users~ you'll find all your prehistoric Tweets with PreTweeted

SocialPoint SocialPoint v2.3.5

SocialPoint is the mobile app for which is a social media management tool for the regular person. SocialPoint connects you to your favorite social sites while giving you features to help enhance your social experience.

Fajoya Fajoya v1.1.1

Fajoya. Goodwill Network v1.09.72

Your personal entertainment network. Stash a treasure trove of your stuff!

SMS Share SMS Share v1.0

SMS-Share will share/email your messages directly from your SMS inbox to Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and many more on a single tap.

GCard GCard v3.0

Get creative together with "Greeting card editor"
Select the colors.
Select or type a new title.
Decorate a postcard.
Write the text.
Congratulate your loved ones on the MMC, e-mail or social networks!

Your KittenLion

Olimpo Gay Olimpo Gay v1.1

OlimpoGay is an application which helps gay, Bisexual and curious people to meet more people. Find dates, flirt, chat and make new friends with this exclusive gay application.

Glia Glia v1.0.9

Simple virtual-location based public text network.

This is more or less the way I'd like social networks to be. No hassle, no timelines, no graphics. Just people writing smart (or not) remarks.

There is no content filtering and no supervision other than peer reports.

Spotty Spotty v2.1

Spotty Facebook Page Viewer allows you to access in a much more practical and fast access to Facebook pages!