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Draw and Connect Draw and Connect v1.0.6

Play, draw and connect the dots, and learn numbers, letters and basic vocabulary

Кэтландия Кэтландия v1.2.2

The playful adventure is waiting for you! Try to find the kitties hidden everywhere and then match them in pairs. Look thoughtfully, as they like to hide. The kitties don’t like to play alone, so find them a pair. You will surely make friends with these frisky woobies, who so want to play with you!

Care your Baby Care your Baby v26

Care your baby is a game to the boys and girls play caring their virtual baby. This baby is not a tamagotchi, is funniest because it has funny sounds from babies.

Kids learn to give milk o play with the virtual baby.

BallBreaker BallBreaker v1.2

We know that children learn best when they don't know they are learning, so we have created Colors. This is an educational game for kids that adults can also enjoy.
Color helps children from one year to recognize colors and name them in a fun way.

Pop Balloons Pop Balloons v1.0

Enjoy now this fantastic game!! Adults & kids love it!! Really addictive !! pop as much balloons as you can in 60 seconds!!

Memory Of Kids Memory Of Kids v1.5.0

Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with "MEMORY" yet?
Memory Of Kids is a puzzle game to improve memory skills for your kids.
You also may find it challenge too.
A great game to train your memory!

Learn Fruit Learn Fruit v5.01

Your child can learn plenty of healthy fruits with this great fun app!

Animal Sounds Free Animal Sounds Free v1.1.1

Teach your child the sounds of animals. This is the best app to have a good time with your children, or simply to laugh a little with your friends! Help them learn and identify different animals and their sounds.

Jardin Jardin v1.0.14

JARDIN is a strategy game for two players.

Children Book: English Children Book: English v1.1

Children Book - English is apps for learning alphabets, numbers, fruits, animals

Children Book - English II Children Book - English II v1.1

Children Book - English II: learning alphabets, numbers, jobs, electronics

DrawAndLearnLetters DrawAndLearnLetters v1.2

Download Draw and Learn Letters to help your kids learn how to draw the letters of the English alphabet.

My baby piano HD My baby piano HD v1.17

My Baby Piano offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.

Tidy House Lite Tidy House Lite v1.4.1

Have fun while your kids learn to be organized.

My Magic Piano 2 My Magic Piano 2 v1.19

My Magic Piano HD for Kids 2. offers great fun that keeps your kids amused while learning to enjoy and explore music.

Kids Alphabet Games Kids Alphabet Games v1.0

This application is designed with complete set of alphabets ranging from A-Z.

Kids Math Magic Kids Math Magic v1.0

Play with Animals is a really nice educational application to teach numbers by counting the animals displayed on the screen.

Bubble (Lite) Bubble (Lite) v1.2

Plop bubbles with you infant/toddler.

Kids Fun Favorites Kids Fun Favorites v1.0

Tap into the pool of delightful apps specially designed for your little ones.

Παίζω Με Το Νηπιαγωγείο Παίζω Με Το Νηπιαγωγείο v3.1

Toddlers have fun and learn in a Greek Educational Application