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Smoke Counter Smoke Counter v1.1

This is small (I mean functionality) application that counts how much and when you smoke.
Just add widget to your desktop and tap it everytime when you smoke cigarette.
If you want new features or translate application, please, write me.

Smart Weight Tracker Smart Weight Tracker v1.50

Log your weight with Smart Weight Tracker

Heart Risk Calculator Heart Risk Calculator v1.1.0

Calculate your heart disease risk score.

Heart Sense Heart Sense v4.5

Check your pulse! Share it with Friends!

מלך הכדורגל מלך הכדורגל v1.0

Live score boards, soccer games schedules and videos

Favorite Recipes Favorite Recipes v2.4.1

Search thousands of recipes by ingredients, keywords and categories.

Emergency Tools Emergency Tools v2.4.3

The Emergency Tools App gives immediate access to emergency numbers (fire, police, medical and other emergency numbers) around the world as well as other tools that can be used in case of an emergency.

Yoga Moment Lite Yoga Moment Lite v1.5

Yoga Moment provides graceful and attractive yoga tunes with a far-eastern aroma. This app aims not only to help you relax at your leisure time, but also can be set as the background music when practicing Yoga. (The total length of music pieces in the full version is about 60 minutes, just the same as a normal Yoga class hour.)

İlk Yardım - Acil Telefonlar İlk Yardım - Acil Telefonlar v1.2

İlk yardım uygulaması kaza ve önemli sağlık sorunları karşılaştığınızda yapmanız gerekenleri özetleyen bölümlerden oluşur. Bilkent Üniversitesi Sağlık merkezinin web sitesinden derlenmiştir. Reklamsız ve kazanç hedeflemeyen uygulamamızdan daha fazla kişinin yararlanması için lütfen puan veriniz. Sevgiler, Androturk.

Refreshment(MT) Refreshment(MT) v1.3

Music Therapy for Refreshment is another Alpha Wave music application from Medium Speed Alpha Wave (10Hz) set in 5 melodic music pieces provides a most relaxing way to restore your vigor, to bring about a refreshed mind.

Medical News Medical News v1.0

Unofficial medical news app. Latest news and happenings in medicine and healthcare.

Do you need an app like this one for promoting your business? Get one developed for just $10 only.

Visit for more details.

Mosquito Repellent Mosquito Repellent v1.0

This is a free desktop widget components.
By continuously transmitting powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves, it drives away mosquitoes effectively. These sound wave frequencies are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets like cat, dog, or bird . Mosquito repeller protects an area up to 10m2 (square meter).

Puzzel Alarm Puzzel Alarm v1.1

Puzzel alarm is an alarm that can be set just as a normal alarm but to dismiss it, there needs to be solved a puzzle.

iZen Lite iZen Lite v2.3

iZen provides Zen music that helps you reach an inner calm that you can't achieve in absolute silence. It gives your mind something peaceful and tranquil to concentrate on while you try to reach a state of higher awareness.

QuitSM QuitSM v1.1.2

QuitSM is stop smoking assistant. It helps You track your health benefits, saved money and time without cigarettes.

Yoga for Life Yoga for Life v0.75 Demo

Yoga for Life helps you to learn and practice yoga for improved health and lifestyle. Yoga for Life has a talking tutor, almanac of activities with favorites and history, routines, scheduler, log, planner and much more to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Tablet_First_aid_kit Tablet_First_aid_kit v1.0

This Tablet application "Tablet First Aid Kit" is for creating awareness for the people who stuck with accidents and other common medical difficulties like Asthma, Unconsciousness, diabetics… (Etc.)

Eat healthy live healthy Eat healthy live healthy v1.0.13

This is a great weight-loss app that can give you encouragement and support to help you achieve your weight lost goal.

Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama v1.0

Beden kitle indeksi yetişkin bir insanın kilosunun boyuna göre normal olup olmadığını gösteren bir parametredir. Bu uygulama ile beden kitle indeksinizi hesaplayabilirsiniz.

TeeDroid Caddy TeeDroid Caddy v0.9.3

TeeDroid Caddy is a golf gps range finder and game statistics tracker. Comes with 15 day trial.