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buddyCount buddyCount v1.3.1

buddyCount is a tool to manage expenses between friends.

If you're living with roommates, taking a trip with friends or planning a party, buddyCount will help you track the users' expenses and debts.

Send accounts' balances by mail or texts to your friends.

Shead Spreet Lite Shead Spreet Lite vv3.1

A spreadsheet app: row/col insert/delete/copy/paste, formulas w/ real-time updates, auto-row-col fills, insert timestamp/camera-barcode/lat-lon, import/export, send email, view/save color plots to png or send to email, partial Excel support. Try free lite version, read Help and Version History docs please (in menus).

Billfoid Billfoid v1.09

Billfoid, your personal money manager.
With custom pictures for categories and many other features. Try it!

T-Counter T-Counter v2.2

A Tally counter app for Android.

BugClubZilla BugClubZilla v1.0.3

Bugzilla read only client. Assigned bug list and details. Connected via xmlrpc.
Worked only if xml rpc client enabled in Bugzilla.

MobileKnox MobileKnox v2.1.0

MobileKnox is a password manager with many features:
* Encryption standard AES
* Search
* Categories
* Automatic lock
* Generate passwords by shaking the phone
* Synchronization with free DesktopKnox
* Lists entries used nearby
* Import
* Export
* SD card installation

For more information visit

AndroXplorer AndroXplorer v2.4.6.8

A new way to explore your Android mobile device.
AndroXplorer is an intuitive, user friendly, features rich and sophisticated file manager.
Please kindly be informed that this version is the lite version of AndroXplorer, version 2. It is a free application without ads. This version >DOES NOT< support compression or encryption.

reMind reMind v1.10.14

Original Alarm Clock idea based on repeating notifications. You can setup a pattern for reminders depending on how urgent and important event is.

xLancer xLancer v1.4

Easily search, the world's leading platform for online employment. Automatic search by predefined keywords. Find and track your favorite freelance jobs.

Andro File Server Andro File Server v1.6

Andro File Server is an application allowing you to use your phone as an FTP, SFTP, SCP file server. The application also provides SSH terminal server.

Having this application you can easily connect to your phone from your workstation without the use of a cable and exchange some files.

For more information see:

Packetracer Packetracer v1.32

Traces your parcel,express anywhere, reports status anytime.Super traffic saving

Plendi Plendi v2.0

Painless Expense Tracking

Just take a photo of your receipt. Real people will type all the important information.

Supports multi-currency and VAT. Create instant PDF and Excel reports at

No data entry. No lost receipts. No Hassle.

Free trial for all accounts, no credit card required.

Grocery Ally Lite Grocery Ally Lite v2.3.0

Grocery Ally is your friend in managing and tracking your grocery purchases. Use it to plan your next shopping trip and monitor your purchased items with a simple yet intuitive interface.

AL Voice Recorder AL Voice Recorder v2.0.6

Beautiful but simple voice recorder.

Record everything you like with this handy app.
The AL Voice Recorder includes a file browser to browse and play all your audio files and a recorder to make new audio records.

inMyCellar inMyCellar v0.9

Allows you to keep track of the details of the beers/wines/other things that you keep in your cellar.

Bar Shortcuts Bar Shortcuts v1.1.3

Add shortcuts to your notification bar like how you would add them to your home screen.

Any shortcut that can be created on the home screen can also be created on the notification bar using Bar Shortcuts. Create shortcuts to launch applications, direct dial or sms numbers, music playlists, bookmarks, phone settings and more..

PayJi PayJi v1.0

It is a quick invoice app. Generate invoice QR code through PayJi and let the other customer scans it through PayJi. Payment done!

iTag iTag v1.1

iTag is a mobile business/name card tag generator. It will generate a mobile 2D barcode (with color) for printing on name card.

Clipper Clipper v1.1.11

Clipper is a free, easy-to-use clipboard manager.

MoneyDroid Free MoneyDroid Free v2.9.1.5

MoneyDroid is an easy and fast to use finance application to keep track of your daily spendings.

*Quick and easy entries
*Quick and easy entries
*Payment cycles
*Deferred payment
*CSV export

*More charts
*Cash flow
*CSV import
*Quicken export
*Cycle edit
*Statusbar Not.
*CSV/QIF import
*Password protection