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Seawater Aquarium HD Seawater Aquarium HD v2.0

Seawater Aquarium HD. Video Live Wallpaper (FREE).

A Beautiful Tropical Undersea World in your phone. It's the most realistic aquarium live wallpaper.

Snowflakes Wallpaper Snowflakes Wallpaper v1.2

Falling snowflakes, twinkling stars and frozen glass - living wallpaper for anyone who loves winter.

Christmas2013 GOLauncher EX Theme Christmas2013 GOLauncher EX Theme v1.0

Hope you like them, let you in the trial a mobile phone while, experience the holiday brought atmosphere festival!

Crazy Live Wallpapers Crazy Live Wallpapers v1.0

Christmas and New Year is coming. Funny crazy Santa with glass of champagne will make you feel happier.

Beach HD Wallpapers Beach HD Wallpapers v0.2

Get most amazing wallpapers on Android. Download backgrounds you have never seen before!

Waterfalls Wallpapers Free Waterfalls Wallpapers Free v1.0

Enjoy the best collection of Waterfalls !
The best free collection of high quality Waterfalls wallpapers.

-Save all of the images to your memory card
-Set the images as wallpapers

Doesn't need Internet connection, and it is completely free !

Contacts Live Wallpaper Contacts Live Wallpaper vContacts Live Wallpaper 1.1

See your contacts pictures falling on the screen.

Intergalactic journey Live wallpaper Intergalactic journey Live wallpaper v1.27

Experience a journey faster than the speed of light across the universe! You will view many sorts of different galaxies as you ride through the cosmos.

New types of galaxies are discovered in distant parts of the universe. You can already explore how these look like in this scifi fx live wallpaper. A discovery of a new type of galaxy will maybe change astronomy as we know it.

Winter wonderland Winter wonderland v1.0

Enjoy the winter with this beautiful collection of snowy landscapes and winter scenes. This huge collection of snowy white photos will bring you all beautiful aspects of winter, from the stunning winter landscapes in nature to the romantic snowy feeling of winter in the city.

Macro flowers Macro flowers v1.0

Macro images of flowers represent the natural beauty at its finest. This is a huge collection of macro and close-up photos of flowers with beautiful colors or with drops of water, stunning photos of lotuses, water lilies, orchid flowers, roses and many others. Your phone will burst with colors and stunning beauty with these flower wallpapers.

Eyes Wallpapers HD Eyes Wallpapers HD v1.0

Free Eyes wallpapers
This application contains a large collection of eyes wallpapers. Beautiful seductive eyes.
Green or blue, black, or brown matter all have a special beauty.

Colors Colors v1.4

1, set plain color as wallpaper.
2, get best default that was designed by artist.
3, define you own color as wallpaper.
4, share you own color to others.

Christmas Wallpaper Christmas Wallpaper v1.0

Merry Christmas. This is a Christmas special application to help users browse Christmas special images. Users can share it with there friends, save the image for offline access or even save it as a background.
For any issues please write back to Merry Christmas.

Miss You Mouse Live Wallpapers Miss You Mouse Live Wallpapers v1.0

Miss You Mouse Live Wallpapers

Rocky Mountain Wallpapers Rocky Mountain Wallpapers v1.3

Collection of wallpaper images of the Rocky Mountains.

Christmas Wallpaper Christmas Wallpaper v1.2.1

Christmas - live wallpqaper

Dj Vinyl Disk LWP Dj Vinyl Disk LWP v1.0

Super Dj Vinyl Disk is spinning on your device.
Wallpaper Settings:
- you may change spin speed of vinyl.

Men Endless Escape LWP Men Endless Escape LWP v1.0

This escape of funny little painted men never ends. They are running, jumping and fighting.
Wallpaper Settings:
- you may change escape speed of pistons.

Snowfall Winter Resort Snowfall Winter Resort v1.0.1

Feel the solitude and calmness of the winter night resort in your android screen!

Spaceship Live Wallpaper Spaceship Live Wallpaper v1.0

Here is a super cool live cartoon spaceship for your phone screen. If you are a fan of SCI FI and cartoons you will love to have this animated spaceship hovering on your phone.