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Coin Candy Coin Candy v1.0

Welcome to the wonderful world of Coin Candy!

The game is simple but addictive, release your coins and collect the candies.

Endless Shaft Endless Shaft v1.0

Take control of Fall Guy as he plummets ever downwards in five never ending shafts, each providing a unique challenge in an endless runner style game with a twist

EnglishGrammarTest EnglishGrammarTest v1.5.4

This grammar test is the best way to improve your English grammar knowledge. Stunning minimalist design and clear user interface make it easy to test your English language skills.

Crazy Pendulumns Crazy Pendulumns v1.0

Move balls to the other side of screen using accelerometer of your smartphone

Paint cars Paint cars v14.9.30

Paint and color cars

Animals coloring book for boys. Paint with crayons or marker magic

In addition, your children will discover different types of animals. Paint cars magic is the best app of free drawings to color. With a funny design to paint, play with and have fun with your kids.

Tile Mania Tile Mania v1.23

Tile Mania is a fun game similar to the old Pick up Sticks game, but with special tiles (bombs and timers)
Choose from four game play types:

  • Time Race
  • Mine Sweeper
  • Explosive
  • Infinite

... and its free.

Draculas Tower Escape Draculas Tower Escape v1.0.6

Climb the tower as far as you can.

Nail Fashion Nail Fashion v1.7

Get gorgeous nails for free!!! The ultimate nail makeover will transform your hands and make them the object of envy. Explore your passion for design & creativity as you match the designs given by our experts! You are all set for a party now!

Catch the Bee Catch the Bee v1.0.0

Don't let the Bee escape!

DiamondClimber DiamondClimber v2.0.0

Tap the screen to move left or right.

Stickman Escape Stickman Escape v2.0.0

Tap the screen to jump, tap again for double jump.

chicken Run chicken Run v3.0.0

Fast paced arcade action, are you hard boiled or scrambled?

Pencil Puzzle Pencil Puzzle v1.0

A fully entertaining puzzle with pencils .

Block Loop Block Loop v1.1

Block Loop is a very simple and addicting game.

Bloc'd Bloc'd v1.0

Bloc’d is a puzzle game of sliding blocks.

HighLow HighLow v1.0.1_N

Free card battle game

7 Words Solver 7 Words Solver v1.7

Stuck trying to solve 7 Little Words (or a similar app) level? This app will get all possible word combinations of the defined length and compare them against a comprehensive vocabulary to deliver you a word you are looking for.

Lava Runner Lava Runner v2.1

OH NO! THE LAVA IS RISING!! Help Jonah The Miner run and climb away from the boiling-hot lava before it got too close to his bum!

Hidden Object - Summer Garden Hidden Object - Summer Garden v1.0.13

Have some fun in the (virtual) summer sun!

Painting cells Painting cells v4

Painting cells is a game specially designed for young children as it stimulates their creativity. Choose one of the cells color and start enjoying painting.
This app is so easy, only touch the screen and start painting