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Table Tennis Rating Table Tennis Rating v1.1.5

Application create table tennis rating for small group of single players.
Player names and game results are entered and stored on device. Each player rating is calculated by game results.

Tablet_First_aid_kit Tablet_First_aid_kit v1.0

This Tablet application "Tablet First Aid Kit" is for creating awareness for the people who stuck with accidents and other common medical difficulties like Asthma, Unconsciousness, diabetics… (Etc.)

Talking Pictures: Autism Cerebral Palsy Talking Pictures: Autism Cerebral Palsy v1.14

This program for better understanding of child's needs

Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis v0.63.13391.94547

Ahora Usted Puede adquirir Una Tarjeta GRATIS para comprar sus medicinas o medicamentos con hasta 10% - 75% o mas de DESCUENTO.

Tea Tips Tea Tips v1.3

Improve your health, restoring the immune system, lose weight with Tea Tips.

Widget with countdown timer for brewing tea.

Tea Tips Donate Tea Tips Donate v1.2

Improve your health, restoring the immune system, lose weight with Tea Tips.

Widget with countdown timer for brewing tea.

TeeDroid Caddy TeeDroid Caddy v0.9.3

TeeDroid Caddy is a golf gps range finder and game statistics tracker. Comes with 15 day trial.

Tennis Reloaded Tennis Reloaded v1.1

Tennis Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Tennis game play clips and videos. Your search for Tennis sport clips on YouTube is simplified with Tennis Reloaded Application on your Android. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your Android, so that you can enjoy your favourite sporting action in one touch.

Time to Stretch Demo Time to Stretch Demo v1.3

Time to Stretch will notify you when you need to take a break and show you several simple exercises. You can set up your working days and hours to receive notifications only when you need them.
This Free Demo release includes complete set of eye exercises.

Full version with different stretches will be available soon.

Toddler Percentile Calculator Toddler Percentile Calculator v1.0.0

Calculates height and weight percentiles for children up to six years of age

Top Workout Timer Top Workout Timer v1.0.0.4

Workout timer is a high intensity interval timer with exercises speech functionality that allows you to create your own workout plans and helps you to reach your sporting goals.

Trainer Trainer v1.0

"Trainer" app is a counter for interval training.

You can set following settings:
- how long should be a round
- how long should be the break (small break) after each round
- after how many rounds will be the big break
- how long should be the big break

Now you can start your interval training. Ten secons before each round or break ends, you hear three dongs. If a round or break ends, you hear a simple dong.

Treadmill Workout Treadmill Workout v1.2.1

Treadmill Interval(HIIT) and Cardio Workout

TSM Tracker TSM Tracker v1.3-beta-1

TSM Tracker is a useful app that helps you to use the
Sinclair Method in order to overcome alcohol addiction.

Ultimate Weight Guide Ultimate Weight Guide v1.0.0

This guide cuts straight to the point and inform you about the most effective ways to manage your weight.

UniqueHoodia Review UniqueHoodia Review v1

Breaking the cycle of continuous hunger and cravings while dieting is one of the most important steps to losing weight, and it is thought that Hoodia supplements could help with sensible weight loss.

Vab Sms Vab Sms v1.2

Förenkla din vab anmälan till försäkringskassan!

Vibro Morse Vibro Morse v1.1.2

Challenge Your senses! Enjoy a relaxing massage that can rise your spirits. Wanna know how? Using this little helper app you can utilize and apply not just three levels of massaging vibrations to part of your body, but also enter a customized message of yours that will be implied to your subconsciousness by vibrating its equivalent Morse code while playing a gentle wind-chimes sound for a effectively relaxing and thriving combination.

W-Tracker W-Tracker v1.1

With this app you can track your weight, calculate your BMI and receive notification about weighing