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Empire Defense Empire Defense v1.0.1

- Tower defense game in middle age style
- 5 classic maps available (upgradable)
- 9 types of towers including at least 20 different levels (upgradable)
- Offensive or defensive candidate towers afforded to support variety of layout
- Bonus content to increase the sense of achievement
- Exchange store embedded to help upgrade quickly
- Empire Defense Lite version features the first level (Very-Easy)

6Birds 6Birds v1.0.5

Hit these 6 birds as fast as possible to beat your best highscore.
Now with a scoreboard! yeaa.

Fun Crosswords Fun Crosswords v0.5

Crosswords game with capabilities to download new puzzles.

Temple Seeker Lite Temple Seeker Lite v1.0.8

In Temple Seeker, the speed of your eyes and fingers are key! Find hidden objects, spot discrepancies, and solve fat-paced puzzles to advance. Touch the screen to select objects in the game, but selecting the wrong item too many times will cause a time penalty. Clues are available in each round.

Eye In The Sky Eye In The Sky v1.30

Protect a unique alien forest by blowing away the bad elements, while letting the good ones through. The forests are composed of 3D fractals, creating a unique alien looking backdrop for the game.

Finish 9 levels of various alien forest levels, and get a bonus "free style" level in level 10.

MMUpdatePack1 MMUpdatePack1 v1.0

This is a free update pack for the game Memory Maze.

Adds ten new phrases to Memory Maze.

You must have Memory Maze installed before running this app.

Memory Maze Memory Maze v1.0

A frustratingly addictive word puzzle game.

Simple game play based on a 7 x 7 grid where you move horizontally or vertically in steps of three or five tiles. Select the tiles in the right order to uncover the hidden phrase or quotation.

Sounds simple but its not as easy as it first seems!

Also has great sound effect options.

Hadouken Lite (cupcake) Hadouken Lite (cupcake) v1.2.0 +many improvements +bugfixes

★Choose between Soundboard or Action modes
★Lots of bugfixes

Be a real street fighter with this app. It uses the accelerometer to enable you to cast hadoukens, punches and shoryukens!

Ad supported app, full version is ad-free

BoggleDroid BoggleDroid v3.3

Quick, fun and addictive, BoggleDroid is now on SlideME!

Math Test Math Test v1.0

Math Test is a fun maths game where you must answer as many correct answers as you can in just 1 minute.

Clean It Clean It v1.2

Simple but very addictive game!
You should shoot blocks, comprising entire rows, which disappear.
Game ends when the blocks reach the bottom of the screen.Color of blocks do not matter!
There are two game modes:Simple and Challenge

HangMan HangMan v3.5

its a very simple game where you have to guess the WORD before Hang process is completed and before the time is over.You can choose different categories(i.e. Country Names, Sprots Names, Animal Names, Element Names and Movie Names).

Netwalk Netwalk v2.0

Netwalk is a single player logic game.Construct the network, connecting all the terminals to the server in the fewest turns possible.

Wumpus Wumpus v1.0

Hunt the Wumpus is an early Unix text-based game, where a mysterious monster lurks deep inside a network of rooms. You must find out and kill him until the Wumpus did it first. You have three bullets for reaching a goal. Keep your eyes open and avoid the dangers on your way!

UFO Attack UFO Attack v3.2

Funny game where the goal is to shut down UFOs coming against you!

How long can you stay alive!

Battle Tank World v1.1 Battle Tank World v1.1 v1.0.3

This is classic battle tank game. We hope you will like it.

Build a Snowman Lite Build a Snowman Lite v1.1

Use your fingers to build your Snowman. Add face shapes and decorate with Christmas images. A snowman that never melts!

ArmaBoing ArmaBoing vFixed playability + utility message

A fun game FOR YOUR KIDS.

Startle and challenge your friends with this fun multiplayer and multitouch game !

Play together on the same phone at the same time against each other !

4 teh birds 4 teh birds v1.6.2

For the birds - free the birds!

The Best Medicine The Best Medicine v10.9.28

Feeling down? Let the laughter of babies make you feel good again!