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Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) was originally developed by Zigmond and Snaith (1983) and is commonly used to determine the levels of anxiety and depressiong.

The HADS is a fourteen item scale. Seven of the items relate to anxiety and seven relate to depression.

Each item on the questionnaire is scored from 0-3 and this means that a person can score between 0 and 21 for either anxiety or depression.

Hypoxic Hypoxic v1.0.2

Do breathing exercises to improve your performance and adaptability

Health Status Check Health Status Check v1.0

All-in-One Health Status Check is a free, fast, convenient and friendly-designed application to calculate your BMI, find your ideal weight, evaluate your waist index, etc...

Rhazes Health Rhazes Health v1.0

Check for potential interactions between drugs for medicine and veterinary medicine.

BMI Evaluator BMI Evaluator v1.2

free app calculates the BMI easily with a suitable diagnosis for every case.

Cigarette Analytics Cigarette Analytics v1.0.2

Application for those who want to quit smoking!

Healthy Foodlve Healthy Foodlve v1.0.0

Eat good, feel and look good, find, collect & share healthy choices with Foodlve

МКБ-10 Free МКБ-10 Free v1.4

Международный классификатор болезней (МКБ-10).
Весь справочник МКБ у вас в кармане.

Diseases Dictionary (Free) Diseases Dictionary (Free) v1.1

The best dictionary of medical terms in your pocket!

Activity Track Activity Track v1.0

Track over 200 Exercise/ Activity and Calories burned
Intelli-typing - Auto suggests as you type.
Chart 7,14 and 30 days activities
Share Chart , Share Exercise across social and chat apps
Drag, scale and dock Pie Charts
Succinct report with only main points of interest generated

Weight Excer Track Weight Excer Track v1.0

Weight Excer Track
Weight Training Exercise Tracker

•Track all Weight Training Exercises
•Intelligent Timer – Doesn’t allow saving exercises below 30 Seconds
•Charts – 7,14 and 30 days charting and Sharing of Chart across chat and social apps
•Drag anywhere – Bar chart showing exercise share can be dragged and scaled
•Succinct Report – Generates only important points in brief report in table form.

Geriatric Depression Scale Geriatric Depression Scale v1.01

Scoring of the 5-item version of the Geriatric Depression Scale, with the possibility of patients management and exporting of data in CSV.

Choles Track Choles Track v1.0

Choles Track - Track your cholesterol consumption with an incredible over 8,000 foods accurate cholesterol database
*Based on USDA
*Over 8,000 OFFLINE Food Cholesterol Data
*Intelli-Search - Auto Suggest
*Turkey Meter
*Charts of today,7,14 & 30 days tracking
*Share details via any suitable app
*Share Chart via any suitable app

Daily Drink Daily Drink v1.1

Daily Drink allows you to keep track of exactly how much you drink a day.

Prescribe Med Prescribe Med v1.0

Prescribe Med helps you search (by ingredients) National Library of Medicine (NLM) to get,share and generate report about approved 'Prescribable' Brands which are based on searched ingredients
For Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Health NGOs and Centers

NicoAddict NicoAddict v1.0

NICO ADDICT: Test your Nicotine addiction scientifically using Fagerstorm test offline. Get your score. See which Nicotine Replacement Therapy to follow in the report.

Ultimate Weight Guide Ultimate Weight Guide v1.0.0

This guide cuts straight to the point and inform you about the most effective ways to manage your weight.

DiabetDiet DiabetDiet v1.0

Diabet Diet creates diet plan for diabetics. On tap, 10 food items with low to medium Glycemic Load is created. User can tap on random generate button multiple times to create random list of diet
The user has the option to share the items across chat, text or social apps. The shared items are also listed in float window. Tapping on lists also shows the items Glycemic Index. Note:For Android version < 4.0, tap Menu button to bring up menu items

Screen filter Screen filter v1.3.9

Relax your eyes using bluelight screen filter. Avoid Eye Strain Bluelight from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and keeps you from falling asleep at night.

Blood pressure diary Blood pressure diary v1.2

Monitor your blood pressure and be healthy!