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Institutional Stocks Pro Institutional Stocks Pro v2.0

Instantly find high yield institutional stocks.

Stock Profit Maker Pro Stock Profit Maker Pro v3.6

Now with probability, test your Stock performance Past or Present and over any Timeframe.

New High Stock Finder Pro New High Stock Finder Pro v1.2

Now with probability, find and analyze stocks reaching new highs.

Stock Price Calculator Pro Stock Price Calculator Pro v3.3

Now with Trade Probability, accurately determine market entry and exit prices.

Stock Profit Finder Pro Stock Profit Finder Pro v1.0

Find and analyze stocks for high profits.

High Probability Fibonacci Trading Pro High Probability Fibonacci Trading Pro v1.1

Identifies Fibonacci price retracements for high probability trading.

Technical Stock Charting Pro Technical Stock Charting Pro v1.0

Mid and long-term technical stock charting with indicators.

Account Account v1.0

Accounting Calculator, definitions & calculations for accountants' equations.

RSS Voice Reader RSS Voice Reader v1.5

RSS Voice Reader is a innovative application for Android and iPhone used to browse and listen to articles from RSS feeds.
Application uses text to speech technology and supports English and Poland languages.

Stock Market Lessons Stock Market Lessons v1.0

Stock Market Lessons is a step by step guide to beginners who want to learn market fundamentals/basic tips and tricks

SecretSMS SecretSMS v1.0.3

SecretSMS is designed to provide secure text messaging. It encrypts regular text into cipher-text that can not be visible without proper password.