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Space Master (HD) Space Master (HD) v1.7

Spacemaster(HD):free game for 7 inch tablets!

suddenlyaliens suddenlyaliens v1.02

Suddenly Aliens is a fun physics based bouncy platformer, with aliens, strange weapons, dangerous hazards, exploding bunnies, booger bombs and aliens.

Cows can't fly Free Cows can't fly Free v1.1

Never stop dreaming!

Cows can't fly is a classic endless platformer game for Android!

Expendable Free Expendable Free v1.1

Be Expendable!

Expendable is a dynamic 3D space shooter based on classic Arcade action games.

Cyber War Cyber War v1.0

Cyber War is unique fast-paced strategy action game with intuitive controls, and a terrific sound.

Bad Pandaman Bad Pandaman v1.0

Bad Pandaman is a mobile Shooter RPG game where a kind-hearted pandaman seduced by the evil forces and wants to rule the world. The gamers need to play as ancient heroes to defeat and convert him to good in order to restore the ancient kingdom back to peace once again. The game creators want to express their wish to world peace through the game, and appeal to more people to give attention to the endangered giant pandas to help them survive and propagate.

Plunge Plunge v1.0.1

After a journey to the centre of the Earth, Bobby RedBall has fallen deep into the waters of the planet.
Join Bobby in his underwater adventure, desperately trying to tap his way out of the cave!

Pop Pop v1.0

Pop is a classic SameGame with clear, simple but beautiful graphic. FREE!

Demon Hunter Demon Hunter v1.0.1

The devils want to use the power of darkness to destroy this world.
Is there a hero coming to save this world?
Is the final outcome salvation? Or doom?
It's all in your hands!

Feed the Twins Feed the Twins v1.0.55


Zombie Killer Zombie Killer v1.1

Zombie Killer is shooting game. Aim at zombies and kill them before they win and conquer the world.

Rapid Car Rush Rapid Car Rush v1.02

Guide the kid in his red car across 25 levels in this fast paced 2d platformer having Various types of platforms and portals with enemies including owls, bats,snails, zombies,spikes and lasers.

Update : Fixed error for api below 2.2(Froyo)

Emergency Exit Emergency Exit v0.1.4

Run jump shoot trought the emergency exit

Zombie Shooting Survival Zombie Shooting Survival v1.9

Killer zombies are coming and it’s up to you to shoot, nuke and defend for as long as you can. Watch the blood build up as you smash zombies by sniping them to earn points to top the online leader board. Earn coins to unlock more powerful weapons and to increase your arsenal of nukes and cherry bombs. Be careful thou, with ninja and exploding zombies one might just dash right past!

Hungry Nomi Hungry Nomi v1.0.4

Featuring unique gameplay, charmingly cute visuals, and plenty of modes and power-ups to unlock, Hungry Nomi is an experience you'll have trouble putting down from the moment you toss your first jelly bean!

Match the Car Match the Car v2.27

Play with the hottest supercars

Penguin Jump Saga Penguin Jump Saga vf2.2

Help the Penguin Jump to save his family in this Arctic adventure

HB Spring HB Spring v1.0.2

Home Bear is lost and it's up to you to get him back home!

ninjajumprevolution ninjajumprevolution v2.0

Welcome to “ninja jump revolution”.
You must experience this amusing game. Playing this game is real fun and you can enjoy this for hours.

This is a real light game and occupies only 10mb of your storage and can easily be played at
a device with normal hardware specification.

Ninja Bounce Ninja Bounce v3.0

Bored of Run, Jump and Rush? Ninja Rush this is a stylish action game adventure in a mystery sweet candy world place