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Spiky Tower Spiky Tower v1.0.2

Climb up the tower to set a new highscore and fight your friends in multiplayer.

IHateBears IHateBears v1.1

I hate teddy bears! I wanna destroy all bears! Hey bear, don't jump!

Chuckles And Mike Chuckles And Mike v1.2

Use your battlesuits to fight the way back to your ship! A hundred action packed levels. Incredible platformer with new mechanics.

PulseCharge M PulseCharge M v0.0.25

A 2D Platformer with an emphasis on Speed Running and Exploration!

robotoGo robotoGo v1.3


Dragon Sword - War of Throne Dragon Sword - War of Throne v1.0.1

Be the Warrior you always want to be, fulfil the prophecy & defeat the LORD EVIL

Slope 3D Slope 3D v2.2

Amazing slope paths in the mystery city at midnight! How far you can run?

Gravity Boy Go! Gravity Boy Go! v1.0.193

In Gravity Boy Go!, Gravity Boy crash lands on a mysterious planet. After exploring, he meets the locals who are under attack by an alien force. Will Gravity Boy Help? The choice is up to you.

Jumping Wizard Jumping Wizard v1.3

Fun and fast arcade jumping game

The Line The Line v1.1.2

Simple Minimalistic Platformer. -The Line

8-Bit Jump 2 8-Bit Jump 2 v1.02

8bit platform game similar in gameplay style to old sidescrollers.

Body Cube Final Destination Body Cube Final Destination v1.0.18

Jump and run no endless with happy end. Easy to start but almost impossible to finish. Full of hidden traps, a challenge for PRO Gamers.

Wushu Hero Kung Fu Runner Wushu Hero Kung Fu Runner v1.21

Wushu kung fu jumping, parkour and running frenzy

Hero Prince Hero Prince v2.2

Evil is coming, so it's time for real heroes!

Ball Transformer 2 Ball Transformer 2 v1.1

Exciting game about the adventures of Ball Transformer.

Miss Jump Adventure Miss Jump Adventure v1.1

Follow Miss Jump on her adventure through worlds of traps.

Plasmoid Plasmoid v1.01

Guide a ball of plasma with peculiar abilities through hazardous conditions.

Andy's Adventures Andy's Adventures v1.0

Jump and run with Andy in this platformer through 80 exciting levels.

Pixel Perfekt Pixel Perfekt v1.2.1.5

Pixel Perfekt is oldschool platformer with hardcore, addicting levels.

Such Bunny Run Such Bunny Run v1.0.0

Such Bunny Run is a platform game with jump and run mechanics - get all coins!