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Milky Milky Milky Milky v1.1.3

Milky Milky is an addictive tile-based puzzle game suitable for gamers of all ages

Monster Match Monster Match v1.0

Test your child's memory with this monster card flipping game. v1.0.0

Looking for the path to God?

Well that might be a little hard to answer here, but this app will allow you to visualize an image of Jesus - no kidding!!!

Downloading and using this program will surely get you "closer to God".

Fun for the whole family!

Labyrinth Labyrinth v1.0.0

Labyrinth is a 26 level board game. The objective is to remove the red balls. The red ball is removed from the board when it hits the blue box. When is more than one blue box on the board, the red ball is removed when you traveled all the blue box.

OpenSudoku OpenSudoku v0.7.0

OpenSudoku is an open source sudoku game.

- Several input modes (finger-friendly, numpad in the bottom of screen etc.)
- Puzzle collections can be downloaded from web
- You can enter your own puzzles
- Game time and history

Bebbled Bebbled v2.14

Take the chance to play the best jawbreaker / bubble breaker game for a mobile device featuring Online, Freestyle, and Campaign modes with 33 different levels!

Firestarter Lite Firestarter Lite v1.4

Burn! Burn! Burn! Destroy all the green areas with a trail of fire. Great fun!

geomfighter geomfighter v1.1

Touch controlled retro shoot'em up. Geometry wars meets Flight control.

Flying Aces Lite Flying Aces Lite v1.4

Control aircraft as they come into land at your airport. Watch out for hazards, collect bonuses, and don't crash!

Air Traffic Controller Air Traffic Controller v1.0.0

You are an air traffic controller for the airport located in Denver Colorado. You must control all planes within a 20 square mile area around Denver. These planes could be landing at Denver, departing Denver, or simply flying through Denver's controlled air space en route to other airports.

Route Words Free Route Words Free v5.0.2

Quick taster, feature restricted version of the popular word puzzle game Route Words for Google Android touch screen devices. A fast paced, highly addictive little word puzzle game which will challenge your wits and word knowledge. Supports most android devices and includes HD graphics support.

Give it a try, it's free after all! :)

Flying Aces Flying Aces v1.4

Control Aircraft as they come in to land, unlock new game modes, very addictive!

Route Words Route Words v5.0.2

A fast paced, highly addictive little word puzzle game which will challenge your wits and word knowledge. Ideal for those times when you need some stimulation!

Simply make as many words as you can using the tiles (in any order, although consecutively placed tiles will score more points).

Now with live player rankings!!

Timed Pairs Ad Timed Pairs Ad v1

You have to remember where pairs of icons are located on the screen and solve each panel before the time expires.

Gem Miner Gem Miner v1.2.1b

Dig a mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune!

Chess Walk Chess Walk v1.1

Play online or offline chess. One of the best chess games for Android.

SeQ SeQ v1.3.0

SeQ is a clone of the popular Mastermind code-breaking game.

Numbers Numbers v1.0.0

This is a common slider puzzle. You need to arrange the numbers in order.

Wiki Wiki Tiki Drop Wiki Wiki Tiki Drop v1.0.1

Relax by the Polynesian ocean side as you lob tiki masks onto a bamboo pole. Remove the masks by matching three in a row before they reach the ground.

IVictor IVictor v1.0

--Add gravity sensor control, turning left and right through the phone's location can be controlled characters

Game background:
A brave, kind, lovely male, who has super capacity, threw himself into the breach when the advent of natural disasters came unfortunately. He went through one hardship after another, ultimately, he became a great victor who overcame the nature!