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Word Soup Word Soup v1.0.13

Word Soup is a tactical word search game.

4WORD4 Free 4WORD4 Free v1.2

4WORD4 is a fun, addictive word game. Create words in a 4x4 grid of letters to score points and advance to the next level.

Need for Words Need for Words v1

Need for Words is a "What's the word" game with 4 unique game types.

Word Reminder Word Reminder v1.2.2

Still only games in your spare time?
Learn new English words while playing a game, and you can remember the forgotten word.

Synonymous Synonymous v2.0.1

Sick of all the mindless Logo or Icon Quiz games? Good with words? Synonymous is a Pop Quiz game with a twist! Guess famous pop culture references which have been reworded with synonyms and other types of wordplay! Can you guess all the clues?

Λέξη-Λέξη Λέξη-Λέξη v1.03

Lexi-Lexi, a Greek only fun word game.

Hangman HD Hangman HD vHangman HD v1.83

Hangman HD - the best free hangman game. About 50 topics, more than 15 000 words, board game mode, eye-catching themes, HD graphics, optimized for tablets.

Actors Hangman Free Actors Hangman Free v1.7.2

The popular hangman game with Hollywood actors for your mobile phone or tablet! The focus is on actors that have won an oscar in their career. Absolutely free for unlimited use! Includes hundreds of actors to guess, additional actors information and lots of options and game configurations. Just install, play and have fun!

Need for Words: Cheats Need for Words: Cheats v1

Full solutions to the game "Need for Words: Whats the Word"

Combine Words Combine Words v1.1

Combine words is brain-puzzle-word game that popular for parents and children. Nobody knows when this game appear but it was a long-long time ago.

Besoin de Mots Besoin de Mots v1

Quel est le mot. ★★★ jeux seront plus jamais les mêmes. 3 types de jeu uniques.

Word Search Perfected Word Search Perfected v3.7.03

Word search puzzles have been perfected! Find more words in each free word search puzzle than you would ever have believed possible.

Live Crossword Tournaments Live Crossword Tournaments v1.2

Live Crossword Tournaments, for the first time, provides you the grounds for competing against your friends and other crossword puzzle lovers in completing the same crossword puzzle.

WordPolyDuel WordPolyDuel v15

WordPolyDuel is a 2-player word game where you try to create as many words as you can from the given letters.
The letters together also define one whole word - the hidden word. The rules are simple - each word must contain the letter in the middle and the words must be at least 4 letters in length.

Play the game on a split screen(tablet), between 2 phones/tablets over bluetooth or over the internet against other players. Invite your Facebook friends to play.

Scatter Word Scatter Word v1.0.0

Scatter Word: The next outrageously addictive game for your mobile device! Powered by over 170,000 words in the English language. Tap your way through up to 400 Challenging levels in Arcade mode; meeting up to 8+ letter word and point requirements for each level. Tap any letters on the 5x5 letter grid to create your word. High scores and statistics are saved throughout the game. Potentially unlimited games in Free Play mode. The grammatical possibilities are endless!

Make a Word Make a Word v1.0

Test your vocabulary !! Play 'Make a Word' and find out!

Word Pyramid Word Pyramid v1.0.1

Free and No Ads ever!

Word Pyramid is a fun, casual and relaxing guess the word type of game.
In each round, 9 letters are given in to create words that can fill up the Word Pyramid. A 9-letter word needs to be created in order to advance to the next round. By filling up the pyramid with shorter words, hints will be provided to help you guess the 9-letter word.

Brain Food Brain Food v1.0.0

Is that a brain? Is it BLINKING?!?! Enter the world of Brain Food. A picture puzzle game sure to take your mind for a bit of a spin; and feed it some chicken while we‘re at it. Text, colors, locations, and other gestures hint the solution to the puzzles. Up to 100 levels of game play will make your brain tingle for more! Earn silver stars for completion and a nice round of applause. Can you solve ALL of the puzzles? You’re brain will thank you. It may even throw you a chicken bone to gnaw on.

Word Grinder Word Grinder v1.0.0

Word Grinder: Not enough words to describe how addicting! Powered by over 170,000 words in the English language. You are given 7 tiles from which to create as many words as possible from 3 to 7 letters in length. View the lists of discovered words in alphabetical order to help fill in the holes. Earn stars for discovering words to unlock additional levels! Tap your way through up to 200 Challenging levels in Arcade mode. Potentially unlimited games in Free Play mode.

Guess Words Guess Words v1.0.2

Race against time or try to survive against tough words. Earn the badges!