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Leave Calendar Leave Calendar v2.0

Do you employ people and are never able to keep track as to when your employees are taking leave? Or you employ a domestic help, and have no idea when she has taken leave? Let Leave Calendar app put all your troubles to rest. The app can be used to track leave of different people. Just create a different calendar for each person and start marking their leave. You also get some basic statistics on number of leave taken on a month-by-month basis.

Event Database Event Database v1.1

This app allows you to store events like Anniversary , Birthday or Other Events as you needed .
This has special icon that speaks more than a text

Networth LifeEvent Networth LifeEvent v1.8

Plan Life Smartly....

This feature-rich app has been conceptualized to enable you plan, monitor & manage your Networth goals through a simple, easy, and powerful user interface. You can also Analyze your Networth with graphical views from the App Dashboard, besides lots of other useful features...

Would highly appreciate your rating, comments & feedback...

TxtNote Free TxtNote Free v1.01

A minimal and lightweight Note taking app

TempusBasic: Vacation time FREE EDITION TempusBasic: Vacation time FREE EDITION v1.2

You may keep records of your holidays and share them with friends and family.

App Habits App Habits v1.2.5

Know your time, improve your life. App Habits

TodoToday Pro for Toodledo TodoToday Pro for Toodledo v2.3.3

TodoToday Pro for Toodledo is a todo list application to show due and overdue tasks from the online task management tool

ControlYourChild ControlYourChild v1.0

Watch and control remote PC on your android device

KCG KCG v212630


Task Radar Free Task Radar Free v1.15

What if your Task List / To Do List could do all the thinking for you?

Task Radar is a simple Task List / To Do List that helps you focus on the right thing at the right time and achieve more!

• Get better visibility of incoming To Do deadlines on an awesome Radar dashboard
• Save time and stress with automatic prioritization of To Do tasks

“Task Radar’s UI is gorgeous” - Robert Nazarian, TalkAndroid

Qubble Qubble v1.10

Qubble provides innovative ways to take notes while on call and from notifications. Auto Reminder helps you remember everything in smart way.

Habbits Habbits v3.4.11

Habbits is a life changing and motivating app which provides a splendid platform for people to create new habits

ElephantBrain ElephantBrain v2.0.4

Save some quick notes with pictures and voice memos.

Basecamp Basecamp v1.1.5

The official app for Basecamp, the world's #1 project management app on the web.

Quick Notes Quick Notes v1.1

User-friendly and Simple to create Notes & Task Lists.
Create, Save & Share. Write Story articles or mails.
Create shopping list, or track daily errands with task list.
Assign color tag to files to organize.
Create Notes, save and share with your friends.
Create Task List with status update for every tasks.

Habit list Habit list v1.3.1

Manage your habits. (Still in development)

TodoToday Pro for Nozbe TodoToday Pro for Nozbe v2.2.5

TodoToday Pro for Nozbe is a todo list application to show due and overdue tasks from the online task management tool

TaskListManagerPro TaskListManagerPro v1.8

A simple task list application that provides task classification according to preset priority levels: low, medium, and high. Update tasks and delete them on app exit. Customize max characters displayed according to screen size. Export and Import the tasks to CSV or text file for viewing later on a bigger screen.

This app is only in English version.

SJournal SJournal v0.9.10b

Designed for university teachers.

SJournal SJournal v0.9.10b

Designed for university teachers.