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Halloween Halloween v1.00

Halloween is coming! Everything is decorated according to the theme: ghosts, skulls, bones, the warning signs, pumpkins, lanterns, black cats everywhere. Everything seemed perfect to welcome Halloween, however, someone has deliberately add more objects into the landscape and make them quite messy. Look for hidden objects, return the original scene and prepare to attend the most mystery and impressive Halloween ever.

Angels Garden Angels Garden v1.00

Angels are the most beautiful and holiest things in the world, they live in the Angels Garden. This garden is very pretty and magical with natural plants and animals. There are numerous hidden objects in the gardens, find them and pass level 12 fascinating and interesting.

Angel's Hidden Stars Angel's Hidden Stars v3.0

Someone has put stars in Angel's pictures. Help Angel find the stars! It is a great game for kids to play, very easy hidden object game.

Christmas Find The Pair Christmas Find The Pair v1.0.0

Get in the Christmas mood with this fun memory game!

Find Another Find Another v1.2

You must find all the pairs before the ending of the time

Memory Star Memory Star v1.5.2

Develop and train the memory, keep your head in good shape with Memory Star.

Hide and Seek - 64 Colors Hide and Seek - 64 Colors v1.000

Seek Hidden Elephant!
Elephant + Zebra VS You!
Very Easy Play!

GoingOnVacation GoingOnVacation v1.03

Nice and and addictive game, to entertain and train attentiveness!

Memory Game Memory Game v1.60M

visual memory game, Find the matching icons!

Find The Hidden Fish Find The Hidden Fish v2.0

Find the hidden fish and aquatic animals.

Guess Numbers Guess Numbers v1.5

It's a game that challenge you to guess numbers

Dinosaur Excavation Dinosaur Excavation v1.0.7

Bring a dinosaur back to life by finding all its skeleton parts and then putting them back together.

Find Objects Find Objects v12.0

We are in urgent need of you to find objects in such a terrible mess!

Find The Sheep Find The Sheep v2.2.0

Where are the animals? Find them all !!! Don't leave them on their own! Listen how desperately they call for Your help!

Mystery Crimes Mystery Crimes v1.00

Rainbow Town is a town that Human, Fairy, and Vampires coexist peacefully together. Until one day, the young detective Jonny when investigating the death of a poor anonymous musician, accidentally discovers a notebook which has a song with the lyrics written very strangely:

"With the right eye of a maiden.
Let find some vampire’s dust.
And take a heart that full of love.
Glow in the sign of the star.
Rope all with red fairy hair.
Another world will be open …"

Memory Memory v1.1

A simple and fun memory game.

Memory Memory v2.4

Memory Puzzle (second name Pair) helps develop memory for both adults and children.