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Crazy Xmas Jewel Crazy Xmas Jewel v1.0.4

Xmas jewel busting fun!

Turtle Turnover Turtle Turnover v1.25

A simple and creative puzzle game where you help turtles get off their backs!

Clear the Zombies! Clear the Zombies! v0.0.67

Fight your way through mobs of zombies in this evolving puzzle/strategy game. Rescue and collect a variety of characters, acquire unique abilities and most importantly...
kill some friggin zombies!

Linkage Linkage v1.0.1

Linkage is a fun and simple puzzle game.

Puzzle Doses Puzzle Doses v1.1.11

Challenge your mind! Switch, Move and Flip blocks! Get your puzzle doses here!

Plus Minus Puzzle Plus Minus Puzzle v1.2.4

Plus Minus is a Block breaking puzzle game, player's goal is to move the bottom blocks in the game screen and try to complete rows and columns, once row or column is complete, the block disappears and score points are credited, player need to beat his all time score, show your achievement to the other players by posting in the leaderboard.

HexaMania HexaMania v1.9.5-a

Seven brilliant puzzles with hexagonal tiles.

Puzzle2Puzzle Puzzle2Puzzle v1.2

Do you know Addition of three simple numbers can tease your brain?
Challenge your brain with this simple&unique Number Puzzle Game.

Fruit Dash Fruit Dash v1.0

Fruit Dash is a puzzle game for your Android phone! All you have to do it to pop all same fruits one or more rows. (Like Diamond Dash)

Spider Escape 2D Spider Escape 2D v1.0.1

Escape yourself from Spider Web!!

Minigolf Challenge Minigolf Challenge v1.3

Delightful minigolf game with plenty of challenging levels.

Lupo Puzzle Lupo Puzzle v1.1.4

If you want to test your brain then this unique game is right for you.

Color Hearts Color Hearts v1.0.2

Color Hearts! Light all hearts in various puzzles !

Floral lines Floral lines v1.0

Pluck flowers in the logic game Floral Lines! To pluck off the flower, select two or more flowers of the same color. You can select flowersonly on the same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Pluck off all the flowers of denim to complete the level. Try to complete each level in the shortest time possible to get a better score.

Puzzle139game Puzzle139game v1.3

do you know how to add!
Here's 139 for you!

BJtH BJtH v1.3.3

You play as Jake, a simple guy who accidently got into trouble. What will happen to him, how he will behave, will he get home or not, all that depends on you.

PipeWorks PipeWorks v1.6

PipeWorks is a free pipe-twisting puzzle game with HD graphics.

Zoo Escape! Zoo Escape! v1.0.4

Zoo Escape! - The Puzzle Animal Match Game. Catch the Escaped Animals to Earn Cash.

Weight Logic Weight Logic v1.5

Solve twelve weighing and water puzzles.

Doodle Reverse Doodle Reverse v1.0.0

Touch the blocks to change their colors and try to match the given template!