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RPS Annihilate RPS Annihilate v1.0

Capture rock, paper or scissors on the board, until only one is left!

BrainBurn Memory Trainer BrainBurn Memory Trainer v0.8.1

Brain trainer improves your memory

Drain Pipe Contract Drain Pipe Contract v1.2

Drain Pipe is a puzzle game where you have to fix the pipe to let the water flow

Sweet Candy Sweet Candy v1.0

Next gen challenging brain puzzle game, that encourages using logical thinking.

Evo Explores Evo Explores v1.2.8.0

Explore impossible geometry and optical illusions!

Radar for your brain Radar for your brain v1.1

Develop your brain, a visual memory, reaction with pleasant post-apocalyptic style.

Snow Lock Snow Lock v1.3.1

This is a hard game! Melt her heart using brain!

Space Station Escape Space Station Escape v1.1.1

Help the astronaut! 3D labyrinth puzzle game!

Radar Radar v1.0

Develop your brain, a visual memory, reaction with pleasant post-apocalyptic style.

Sugar Kingdom Sugar Kingdom v3.0

Sugar Kingdom is an interesting and colorful puzzle game for all ages!

Dungeoneer Dungeoneer v1.0.0

Dungeoneer !
This is a puzzle game in which you must find your path to the exit.

Unscramble Unscramble v1.0

The best new matching and ordering game. Once you start you can stop. Match 3 or more letters in alphabetical order or as the same letter to get enough points before your moves run out.

PhoneHateRectangle PhoneHateRectangle v1.0.1

Challenge puzzle game easy to understand difficult to solve! > 480 puzzles!

Architect Architect v1.3.3

Tidy those boxes, a challenge puzzle game! Boosting brain power!

Pirate's Trick Pirate's Trick v1.3

The secret of an ancient math puzzle! Boosting brain power!

Sapper Maze Sapper Maze v1.2

Bring the sapper out of booby traps maze

Sliding Bridge Sliding Bridge v1.03

Fun and relaxing puzzle game that requires cleverness and ingenuity!

Jumping Gem Jumping Gem v1.4

Peg solitaire like puzzles! 2500 puzzles waiting!

SnowWhite SnowWhite v1.0

Help the lost snowball to solve the puzzle and find way home!

Cob Web Cob Web v1.2

A puzzle game untie the rings from twine.