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Angola News Angola News v4

News from Angola

Markets and Stock Exchange Markets and Stock Exchange v3

Markets and Stock Exchange.

Droid Desporto Droid Desporto v5

Directório de jornais desportivos portugueses

GeoDialer GeoDialer v2.1.12

Dial international numbers effortlessly using calling cards or similar services.

DroidBlogues DroidBlogues v2

Directório de blogues portugueses.

Stedders Guide Stedders Guide v1.1

The Football and Real Ale Guide as an Android app

MobeeVoice MobeeVoice v1.0.28

MobeeVoice allows you to use your landline at home just like you would your mobile number. With the MobeeVoice service, your home line AND your mobile phone will now share the same number.

To create an trial account from your smart device visit:

This is a REAL account and does not expire. The account has a $1.00 Credit.

Mosec Mosec v2.5

Mosec helps salespeople convert more leads into clients.

Xmas iCard Xmas iCard v1.0

Xmas iCard is your perfect Application for custom Christmas Cards and personal regards at Christmastide.

RnB Radio Pro RnB Radio Pro v1.1

RnB Radio Pro on Android Devices.

Israel Radio Pro Israel Radio Pro v1.1

Israel Radio Pro on android Devices.

Spanish Radio Pro Spanish Radio Pro v1.1

Spanish Radio Pro on Android Devices.

France Radio Pro France Radio Pro v1.1

France Radio Pro on Android Devices.

Spy Bubble Spy Bubble v0.12.13079.13963

Track every move your partner, employee or child is making using our POWERFUL cellphone monitoring technology. Do you really know what they are up to?

SpyBubble Is Powerful Yet Covert Cell-Phone Monitoring Software That Tracks And Records ALL Information In Real-Time...Which Can Then Be Viewed At From ANY Computer In The World!"

You Simply CANNOT Trust Some People.

What One Quiz What One Quiz v1.0

In this quiz, you will be given two choices and asked to pick one. The one you pick will determine your personality. If you are at a party, and getting bored, then this is the quiz for you. It will provide entertainment throughout the course of the quiz and make sure you and your friends have a good time. Each friend can take turns taking this quiz and then comparing results! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and answer the choice questions and pass the time quickly! This quiz is

Pipeline Connection Pipeline Connection v0.19.13162.91368

The social hotspot for pipliners, oilfield workers, rig chasers, rig hands, welders and fabricators to Communicate and Coordinate!

phoneArena phoneArena v1.0.1

Mobile version of the Phone Arena site.

CallerID CallerID v1.4

Do you want to know who's calling before you answer? Even if it's from a number not in your contact list?

Do you ever want to do reverse number lookups to find out who (a person or company) owns a phone number?

The CallerID app will tell you who (name and full address) is calling, and even display a map of the location. It can even say the name of the incoming caller out loud using text to speech technology. You can add this information to your address book with the push of one button.

BBC Arabia BBC Arabia v2

BBC Arabic بي بي سي بالعربيه

GeneDroid GeneDroid v0.5

Access to the biggest genealogy database Geni from your handset.

GeneDroid - it is an easy to navigate family tree, based on a well-known service Geni.

To start to enjoy the program you should have a free account on You have to log in using the username and password from your account in Geni.