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CountToNine CountToNine v1.0.4

This is a fun, simple and free version of the classic sudoku game, brought to you by Count To Nine Sudoku. This version allows candidates and error checking as well as timed for skill

1.0.4 fixed pause/candidate issue + remove number

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Survive! Japanese Lite Survive! Japanese Lite v0.2.4

Survive Japanese is a Japanese learning adventure game for beginners. Learn hiragana, katakana, basic vocabulary and conversation phrases, which can unlock key information about the adventure that you seem to have stumbled upon.

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Air Traffic Controller Air Traffic Controller v1.0.0

Air Traffic Controller. You're a radar controller in an TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control). Point your aircraft in the right direction and keep them from crashing or going astray. Land inbound traffic at Denver Tower, and depart aircraft as well.

Push the menu button to start the game

AndroSudoku AndroSudoku v1.0.1

Sudoku - AndroSudoku. A classic free version of Sudoku, with over 90 puzzles. 100% Free Sudoku. Sudoku is a challanging brain game. Common misspellings are: suduku, sudoko, soduko, sodoku.

ASolitaire ASolitaire v1.2.0

Solitaire Game For Free!
Full featured solitaire (Klondike) card game. Solitaire , Spider solitaire & Freecell solitaire, Vegas style solitaire, draw one, draw three. Fully featured Solitaire card game. A great playing cards game!

Solitaire Free!

Hungarian rings Hungarian rings v1.0

Go back to childhood! Do you remember exciting oldschool puzzle containing two intersecting rings of balls that should be separated from each other by rotating? So it is! The game has two playmodes - balls can be shuffled automatically when you shake your phone or manually if you would like to shuffle them by your own. Choose the way you like!

Squirrel Earl Free Squirrel Earl Free v1.2.0

Entertain your kids by helping Squirrel Earl eat as many acorns as possible while avoiding falling hazards.

Favorite Stress Release Favorite Stress Release v2.1.0

Pass some time by taking out your stress on an android.

Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes v1.7.0

Favorite Quotes has thousands of quotes grouped by category and author.

xColor xColor v1.0

An app that you can have fun by switching colors

Halloween Creepy Pumpkins Halloween Creepy Pumpkins v1.2

Scare your friends with these creepy pumpkins voices, just tap the pumpkins and maybe you'll get some goose bumps too.

Just a super funny app, have fun :)

Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire v1.0

Mahjong Solitaire

AndroBomb Lite AndroBomb Lite v1.01

AndroBomb is an intuitive & addictive game in which you must sort Androids by drag'n'dropping them on the same colored zone.

FallDown3D FallDown3D v1.2.5

When you fall down in the 3D tube, tilt your phone to avoid the collision.

Radio Ball 3D Demo Radio Ball 3D Demo v1.1.2

A fun, radioactive, fast-paced, accelerometer driven 3d game.
Radio Ball 3D is the accelerometer controlled tunnel game. A uranium ball driven by radioactive waste rushes through the tunnel. Can you reach the end?
Play and compete with other players

Spheremare DEMO Spheremare DEMO v1.1.0

Spheremare a game in the likes of Pang. Take your gun and go shoot some spheres. Collect bonuses and coins, do combos, buy and improve your weapons and skills.

Traffic Control!? Lite Traffic Control!? Lite v1.3

Guide all cars that leave a garage to safety and complete all objectives (in Challenge mode) or get a highscore on the online leaderboard (in Arcade mode)!

FULL game features:
- 9 Arcade levels with online leaderboards
- 100+ Challenge levels to test your skills

MemoryPro MemoryPro v1.5.1

- Improve your short-term and sensory memory skills!
- Fifteen super-cute animals!
- Intricate, exciting scoring system!
- Beautiful graphics!
- Fun for all ages!

Improve your memory for FREE now!

Know Your Friends Demo Know Your Friends Demo v1.2.0

This game gives the players questions to answer. Like truth or dare except no dare.

Dead End Lite Dead End Lite v1.0.8

Zombies have killed your family, eaten your neighbors and destroyed your city. Defend yourself against the hordes of the undead.