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EMT-Basic EMT-Basic v2.6

Upward Mobility proudly presents our NREMT EMT Basic Exam Prep app for Android. This no-nonsense app contains a targeted curriculum of over 1000 questions designed to include all necessary content areas required for a certified EMT.

BMI BMI v1.2

BMI Calculator and tracker

White Noise White Noise v1.0

Do you want to sleep (you or your baby) in just a few minutes?
Are you tired, stressed and cannot concentrate?
Then listen to soothing sounds of rain, ocean waves or white noise sounds like an airplane, fan or static sounds and you will fall asleep relaxed in just a few minutes.

myKilos myKilos v1.6.1

myKilos is an innovative weight tracking app. It focuses on being simple and easy to understand.

EyeBerry EyeBerry v1.5

This program is intended for vision care and sight improvement.
It assists in reducing refractive errors such as shortsightedness, farsightedness and color blindness. It helps in eye accommodation recovery, in improvement of night and peripheral vision at the expense of carefully chosen exercises for the eyes, including methods of Norbekov and Bates.

myKilos PRO myKilos PRO v1.5.0

myKilos is an innovative app for weight tracking. It is focused on being simple and easy to understand.

Smoothie Smoothie v2.0

Featuring tons of healthy and delicious smoothie recipes divided into several categories for ease of use.Smoothie categories include: green smoothies, weight loss, detox, smoothies for athletes, and meal replacement.

Eye Rest Reminder Free Eye Rest Reminder Free v1.3

Eye Rest Reminder will remind you eye rest time periodically. It will help you from dry eye syndrome or failing of eyesight.

1. Intro

Smartphones have been widespread all over the world and failing of eyesight has became the major problem. This is because mobile screens are so small that every people tends to look it closely. Also using it on moving, devices wobble too frequently and eyes get tired soon.

Talking Pictures: Autism Cerebral Palsy Talking Pictures: Autism Cerebral Palsy v1.14

This program for better understanding of child's needs

Fitsby Fitsby v1.0.11

Stay motivated to hit the gym.

Nutri Planner Nutri Planner v1.0

If you want to own a perfect body then this application is for you.
Include diet plan to reduce and gain weight.
Also available in French.

Cancer Surveillance Cancer Surveillance v1.0

Cancer Surveillance
A health app that allows you to monitor your cancer progress.Arrange all your cancer related appointments with your doctor, tests, results and monitor your cancer therapy progress.Arrange your appointments and mark your next one so you dont forget.

MAMMApp MAMMApp v2.0

Vuoi tenere sempre sotto controllo la tua gravidanza? Questa è l'app che fa per te! PROVALA! :)

Sleepy Noises Sleepy Noises v1.0.4

This app may help your baby to get asleep faster. This app may help your baby to sleep better. Choose one of 4 sleepy sounds - rain, water, brown noise or white noise, or mix them together. Free and simple to use.

Skin Type Calc Skin Type Calc v1.0

What type of skin do you have..Find out now :D

iCan iCan v1.4

iCan tracks your weight. Designed and works with taking into account your purpose (to lose, gain or just track weight ) with adjusted color hints based on the selected purpose.
- Nice color skins/themes
- Easy data entry. Whatever you enter, you can edit or delete it at any time
- Weight and date goals
- Time-to-goal estimate (prediction)
- Share via email, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
- Export to Excel (.csv) format

Ready For Change Ready For Change v1.0

De verslavingsApp bevat o.a. een zelftest. Ook bevat de App een grote button voor noodhulp. De gebruiker krijgt dan rechtstreeks contact met een hulpverlener.Voor ex-verslaafden bevat de App een programma waarmee ze hun 'cleantijd' kunnen berekenen: hoeveel dagen en hoeveel uren ze van de drank of drugs af kunnen blijven. Ook heeft de App de button 'terugvalpreventie' met informatie over
zelfhulpgroepen in de buurt van de gebruiker van de App.

My Diabetic Log My Diabetic Log v1.0

The best dibetic log avalible

Smoke Counter Smoke Counter v1.1

This is small (I mean functionality) application that counts how much and when you smoke.
Just add widget to your desktop and tap it everytime when you smoke cigarette.
If you want new features or translate application, please, write me.

Kick the Habit Kick the Habit v1.3

Kick the Habit: Quit Smoking has been designed for people who wish to wean themselves off cigarettes over time, or for those that want to quit immediately.

You will be presented with a daily target to accomplish, based on how many cigarettes you initially smoked.

Kick the Habit: Quit Smoking will log all your data and let you know whether you are ahead or behind target and by how much.