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BluePlay Remote Control BluePlay Remote Control v1.0

Control Windows Media Player over Bluetooth

Automatic Call Recorder Automatic Call Recorder v2.1.9

The only call recorder that works. It automatically records your phone calls and saves them locally on your device and remotely via Dropbox. You can also select particular contacts to record or ignore. Best Ever

Fast Cleaner Fast Cleaner v3.2.8

Lightest and most useful FREE Android optimizer App.

JuiceDefender JuiceDefender v3.2.9

Always carrying your charger around? You don't need to!

JuiceDefender intelligently and transparently manages for you mobile connectivity and other battery-sensitive components, greatly improving battery life.

AndroNotes AndroNotes v1.0.5

Nope pad with email export. Our free notepad is simple and powerful. To-Do's, Memos, Notes, Email export, Grocery lists, Journal, Listings, Drafts, Docs, Gmail, and so much more. The best Note Pad app on the market.

BrowserPlus BrowserPlus v1.1

Make your browsing much easier with Browser Plus.

QNameCards QNameCards v1.0

QNameCards is a simple digital name cards management tool.

When you receive a name card from a customer, vendor or friend, digitize it and store it in your phone! No more lost name cards and messy name cards albums!

RomSwitcher RomSwitcher v0.6

What is RomSwitcher?

RomSwitcher is a simple Mod which allows you to boot mutiple roms on your Phone.

Restart Restart v1.6.0

Reboot your device.
Root access to your phone is required to use this application!
If you are not aware whether or not your phone has root access, you probably don't have root access.
Create shortcuts on your home screen to boot with one click.
This application will reboot (restart) your phone, Remember 'Allow' in Superuser for fast 1 click rebooting of your phone.
There is a known issue where this does not work on phones with Sense (EVO, Inc, etc).

Smart WiFi Toggler Smart WiFi Toggler v2.4.8

Smart WiFi Toggler is an Android app designed to control WiFi using location based rules. Its aim is to conserve battery and minimize data usage.

ptMobile ptMobile v0.8.4 beta

ptMobile is a pivotaltracker client for android.

Quick Settings Quick Settings v1.9.8

Quick Settings is a highly customizable all-in-one settings applications for Android

Android Astro Android Astro v1.0

Get your horoscopes in the palm of your hand every day with the Android Astro.

Porta Payments Porta Payments v1.12

PortaPayments allows you to create & scan PayPal payment requests encoded as a QR Codes. A payment between 2 people can take less than 1 minute making payments quick and easy.

DeathMeta DeathMeta v1.0

DeathMeta is a metasearch engine for Android. It allows you to search web and images from Google, Yahoo, and Bing with a simplistic approach.

Efficiency Tracker(Cupcake) Efficiency Tracker(Cupcake) v1.0

Efficiency tracker is the simple application to manage your daily work productivity.

This is only for Cupcake devices (Android 1.5), if you have a higher version, download "Efficiency Tracker" application.

Application uses Google Chart Tool to generate charts, so Internet connection is required.

RD Whois RD Whois v1.5.3

RD Whois, domain name query tool for Android.

TechNews TechNews v1.1.2

The simplest way to get the technique news.

User Dictionary Manager (UDM) User Dictionary Manager (UDM) v3.1

User Dictionary Manager (UDM) allows you to edit/export/import/delete/clean the user dictionary words on your Android phone.

WARNING: UDM does NOT work on some HTC phones because they have nonstandard Android implementation.

HTC Tatoo - does NOT work
HTC Hero - does NOT work
HTC Sense - does NOT work
HTC Eris - does NOT work
HTC Desire - does NOT work
HTC with custom root - probably NOT

Nexus One - DOES work
G1 - DOES work

Includes a built in list of approx 2000 most used words/expressions in the Romanian language.

Copi Note Copi Note v1.3.4

Copy Text from anywhere to create your quick Note. Copi Note is a handy tools for you to capture the screenshot of the web page, download the internet file via Url or translate the text which copied from any other APPs. To create a note you can simply copy text or url from the email, webpage or document then the program will based on input text to create a note and retrieve related information for you.