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Paper Run Paper Run v1.0.4

Try to survive as long as you can without getting sucked into the hole! Collect coins and powerups as you run for your life! The hole gets stronger the longer you try to escape.

Darksky Darksky v1.0.4

Design solution in the field of time-killers!

Graffiti Adventure Graffiti Adventure v1.4

Defeat enemies and spray paint the walls of levels to fight your way to the boss level.
Vence a los enemigos y grafitea los muros de los niveles para abrirte paso hacia el jefe del nivel.

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ParkurCrazyBackflipJump ParkurCrazyBackflipJump v1.0

Brave enough to take this high air dangerous first person view (fps) parkour speed run game? It is very cool with camera like mirror edge but in more straightforward way to play!

Blocky Kong Blocky Kong v1.0.18

Beat Kong, beat your friends, beat anything that stands in your way.
Climb to the top and grab a fistful of lunch!

Zombie Run Game Zombie Run Game v1.6

Zombies can run! Get fun and survive in this zombie world!
Meet the four insane survivors, featuring crazy baby!
Earn coins running from zombies and purchase powerful power ups.
Unlock different zombies, temple stage and other surprises!

Rolling Ball Rolling Ball v1.0

Collect diamonds with ball and complete all levels.

Good Jumps Good Jumps v1.0.2

Pure platforming that you jump and bounce on platforms.

Cows can't fly Free Cows can't fly Free v1.1

Never stop dreaming!

Cows can't fly is a classic endless platformer game for Android!

Cave Diver Cave Diver v1.0

Dive in and explore an underwater maze of deep sea caves, in an action-packed search for precious pearls.

Journey To Pluto 2 Journey To Pluto 2 v2.0

A little Pluto inhabitant crashed in Earth. Now it’s his epic journey to Pluto again. On his way to Pluto he has to face different adventure like jumping, climbing, floating in space and fighting with snake, leopard, mountain goat and eagle. This version 2.0 contains four fantastic levels jungle, himalay, cloud and space.

Hey Ninja (jump and slice) Hey Ninja (jump and slice) v2.1.6

Watch the video to learn how to play! Become a ninja in the jungle: run, jump and slice monsters!

Gravity Flip Runner Gravity Flip Runner v1.4

Unleash the running power in you.
Fight the odds of gravity and run like crazy in this adrenaline filled Gravity Flip Runner.
This game is totally unique and new in concept with its running action and gravity free adventures.
Fighting all the obstacles on the way, you need to run as far as you can.

Jewel Collector Jewel Collector v1.0

JUMP RUN Collect Jewel
And enjoy 20 extra ordinary level.

Help that poor thief to get points

Torkven Torkven v1.5

The main character (Torkvinu) must save the planet from evil angry. He will be the hardest journey. On the way super hero waiting for a lot of plant mutants, monsters - robots, mutant frogs and traitors Kilkritery. Torkvina face deadly battles with terrifying commanders of the forces of evil and the power that destroys his country and innocent people!

15min Max 15min Max v1.0

15 min Max is the ultime game to prove your actual gaming talent. No time to practice. No endless hours of griding to get the highest score. And most importantly, no friends who spend way more time than you.

Ninja-Zombie Ninja-Zombie v1.2.0

Help Ninja-Zombie to set free Pandas that cunning Vampire-Samurais have captured

Floppy Frog Floppy Frog v1.0.3

From the makers of 'Flapping Bird'. How high can Floppy Frog climb? Super-addictive and super-fun.

Splatzy: Orange Rush Splatzy: Orange Rush v1.1

Splatzy : Orange Rush is a simple maze like puzzle game where you have to guide our little friends out of the factory and prevent them from being turning into orange juice!

Evolution Dash Evolution Dash v1.2

Swim, fly, run & jump though all stages of evolution!