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Magic Constellations Live wallpaper Magic Constellations Live wallpaper v4.4

Experience a 3D journey though the magic star constellations!
"Passage to the other side of the Universe", "Cosmic eye" and 15 more are included for you to explore. Start the 3D ride through the cosmos now!

Magnetic Pulsator free version Magnetic Pulsator free version v3.1

Magnetic pulsator uses formulas from quantum physics to simulate magnetic motions, which occur at the quantum level. This simulation creates fascinating and hypnotizing patterns. This live wallpaper is truly one of its kind, there is nothing similar on the market. Experience this never ending flow of strange magnetic wave patterns now!

Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Magnetic pulsator

Nature Wallpapers Collection Nature Wallpapers Collection v1.2

HD Nature Wallpapers

* Simple and easy to use!
* Do not impact battery lifetime!
* Doesn't require Internet connection!
* Just Scroll Up or Scroll Down to change wallpaper!
* Wallpaper change speed is configurable!

How To Use:

Home -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Nature Wallpapers Collection

Scroll UP to display next wallpaper
Scroll DOWN to display previous wallpaper

Please view my other live wallpapers. Thank you!

Puppy Wallpapers HD Puppy Wallpapers HD v1.0

Free puppy wallpapers

Puppies Wallpaper is a fun wallpaper collection for pet lovers.
Some of these funny puppy pictures are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh...

Shark Attack Shark Attack v1.3

Hungry Shark Jaws Attack!

Be very afraid to dip your fingers in to your home screen with this stunning shark attack 3D live wallpaper. Navigate your home screen in a finger ripping frenzy as the shark attacks touch points. Your going to need a bigger boat for sure.

Allah Live Wallpaper Allah Live Wallpaper v1.0

Allah Live Wallpaper has been created to remind you that hope should never be lost, even in the hardest moments of life we are all facing every day.

Green Flame GO Theme Green Flame GO Theme v1.1

Green Flame theme.
You will need Go Launcher Ex.

Hearts Love Wallpaper Hearts Love Wallpaper v1.1

spread the message of peace , love , harmony and much more from right on your wallpaper floating with beautiful colors all around in a mirror like feeling with fireworks in the background. The mirror moves the floating messages all around with ripples.

Moving Water Pond HD Moving Water Pond HD v1.4

Moving water over a beautiful stone in a pond with relaxing bubbling sound for your relief, relaxation or deep sleep that you can also set as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+. For even more realistic experience the live wallpaper also reacts on moving and touching the phone with faster ripples.

Drops Wallpapers HD Drops Wallpapers HD v1.0

Free Drops wallpapers
Water is a symbol of life, it is always great to be surrounded with water.
This image gallery contains wonderful collection of images with great nature elements.

Gothic Wallpapers Gothic Wallpapers v1.0

Gothic Wallpapers is a great FREE app with dark wallpapers made for your android phone. Express yourself and set some of the best gothic backgrounds on your homes creen.

GO Keyboard Pink Cherry theme GO Keyboard Pink Cherry theme v1.0.5

Pink Cherry theme for GO Keyboard

Flying Pictures Flying Pictures v1.2

This is a Live Wallpaper, on which moving pictures appear and disappear.

Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper Mantra Wheel Live Wallpaper v1.0

A rotating mantra wheel.

Interdimensional waves free version Interdimensional waves free version v5.3

Experience inter dimensional waves flowing across hyperspace!
This live wallpaper has a mind elevating effect, which makes it very suitable for meditation or just relaxing, while watching the hypnotic waves. Experience this never ending flow of inter dimensional waves now!

Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Interdimensional waves

Valentines Day Live Wall paper Valentines Day Live Wall paper v1.2

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Two hearts beat with a flowery breeze. Celebrate this valentines day with your sweetheart by sharing and downloading our live wallpaper. You can keep your loved ones photo and customize it on your own.

GO Keyboard Purple Flame Theme GO Keyboard Purple Flame Theme v1.1.2

Purple Flame theme for GO Keyboard

Nature Wallpapers Nature Wallpapers v1.0

Nature Wallpapers

FullHDWallpaper FullHDWallpaper v5

The most convenient wallpaper app with the most various images has been released!

picofday picofday v1.24

A new background picture every day!

This Live Wallpaper lets you select your daily wallpaper source and will automatically update your background image for you every day