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iTag iTag v1.1

iTag is a mobile business/name card tag generator. It will generate a mobile 2D barcode (with color) for printing on name card.

Clipper Clipper v1.1.11

Clipper is a free, easy-to-use clipboard manager.

MoneyDroid Free MoneyDroid Free v2.9.1.5

MoneyDroid is an easy and fast to use finance application to keep track of your daily spendings.

*Quick and easy entries
*Quick and easy entries
*Payment cycles
*Deferred payment
*CSV export

*More charts
*Cash flow
*CSV import
*Quicken export
*Cycle edit
*Statusbar Not.
*CSV/QIF import
*Password protection

WiFi Manager WiFi Manager v1.6.4

A tool to manage Wifi connections - discover and connect to Wifi networks. Includes a home screen widget.

beo.text beo.text v1.0

beo.text is a highly customize-able tool to automatically respond incoming call or sms inbox received while you are in a condition unable to pick up phone call or reply text message.

Perhaps you are :
in a very important meeting.
you are driving. Remember, drive safely.
maybe you just want to spend a special day off with your loved one without interference from others.

Ornek Uygulama Ornek Uygulama v1.0

otomofis,ticari otomasyonu

My Home Page Pro My Home Page Pro v1.0

This key will remove the ads from the My Home Page application and unlock any Pro features (see web site for complete details on the Pro version).

Inspeccion vehiculo Inspeccion vehiculo v1.1

La aplicación esta diseñada para facilitar el proceso de inspección de vehículos, desde que es tomado el requerimiento por parte del agente de la compañía de seguro, hasta que son ingresados los datos y características del vehículo por el inspector.

The application is designed to facilitate the inspection of vehicles, since the requirement is taken by the agent of the insurance company until they are entered the data and characteristics of the vehicle by the inspector.

Kote Kote vRS1.9.2

Notepad with following features:

- Map locations.
- Assign tags to your notes.
- Note alarms (Notification or clock mode).
- Share notes.
- Import/Export.
- Search notes and tags, search by tags also
- Recycle Bin and more.

More details in our site.

Apps2sd Apps2sd v1.3

Apps2sd/App2sd is a tool for moving apps between phone storage and sdcard, to help you install more apps.

Simple Shopping List Simple Shopping List v1.0

Simple Shopping List is an app that lets you easily keep track of your purchase plans. Ideal for everything from Christmas shopping for the weekly shopping. The point of the app is that it is easy to use, put items into the shopping list and group them. That's it. A group can represent a family (eg Christmas shopping), a particular day, a particular store, a person, and so on. How hard can it be:)

Move'n Launch Lite Move'n Launch Lite v1.01

Move'n Launch Lite: A gesture-based launcher

Move'n Launch Lite is the free evaluation version of Move'n Launch.
If you enjoy Move'n Launch Lite, please help us by upgrading to the full version Move'n Launch.

Move’n Launch allows you to associate gestures of your choice with phone actions. An action can be anything you want: calling an application, a shortcut, a contact, making a phone call...

Smart Data Watch Smart Data Watch v1.0.2

Smart Data Watch is free app to monitor your network data usage and convert the usage as your currency also lets you to set quotas for daily,monthly usage

Affili Reporter Affili Reporter v1.0.1

With AffiliReporter you have your affilinet sales always in view!

OCR Dialer OCR Dialer v1.2

Take pictures with your phone? Now you can dial with your camera. Just snap
picture of phone number from business card, wall, magazine page and dial it without typing.

Read Later Read Later v1.0.2

Read Later is an unofficial instapaper client, it can save web articles for reading them later offline.

WorkIt Expenses WorkIt Expenses v1.0.0

Keep track of all your daily expenses on the move with WorkIt Expenses!

Calendar One Premium Calendar One Premium v1.2

Supports Phones and Tablets!
///Google sync is only for Samsung Devices currently and tablets, although some other brands of tablets work with google sync.
- Very Fast and smooth Calendar!
- Very Fast and smooth Google sync!
- Very Fast and smooth Widgets!
- Very Fast and smooth Task-list!
- Everything is done in an instant with this Calendar!

Movies Soundtracks Movies Soundtracks v1.1

Now you can easily find out every song in movies using this application, you just need to search the movie you want in the app and see all the songs that sound during the film.

Simple Counter Simple Counter v0.1.3

Simple counter.
With a two buttons (+/-) allow you simple manual counting of events.