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Frogs Frogs v1.9

Welcome to Frogs the classic multi level Solitaire game

Christmas Rush Christmas Rush v1.0.3

Christmas rush is a nice match3 puzzle game with a Christmas theme and 2 game modes!

Candy Cubes Candy Cubes v1.0

Candy Cubes

150 Levels on 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 13x13 boards

Blast the matching blocks and clear all the cubes from the screen to complete each level.
Classic game play with a twist of increasing complexity of puzzle nature.

Jungle Collapse 2 Jungle Collapse 2 v11

Jungle collapse 2 is a sequel to an addicting and extremely popular highscores puzzle block collapsing game Jungle Collapse! This time the game comes with a new gameplay mechanics, lots of bonuses and 4 game modes! Great fun for the whole family!

Math Squares Math Squares v1.0.0

A fun and addictive puzzle game that will train your brain.

Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift v1.11

Match 3 objects or more game with 100 levels and more to come. As the caretaker of the haunted graveyard, your boss has asked you to clean up the grounds. There have been some strange things happening and the place is a mess. Swipe the objects from left to right, up and down to match 3 or more objects. Also you can press the TNT to detonate it and make objects drop, which may help in your task. Good luck!

Colour Slide Colour Slide v1.1

Slide rows and columns of coloured counters so no two counters overlap.

It All Works Out! It All Works Out! v1.3

Can you make the sums work out?

Drag the numbered blocks into the grid, until the sums across and down are all correct.

Diamonds Mine Diamonds Mine v3

Diamonds Mine is a casual highscores block collapsing game for the whole family!

Legor 5 Legor 5 v3

An award winning highscores puzzle game Legor is back with 30 new levels and level editor, so you can create your own puzzles!

Lab Ball Puzzle Lab Ball Puzzle v1.1.0

Lab Ball Puzzle is a puzzle game where you control a ball that goes through different levels. You control the ball with your device, hold it flat in your hands and tilt to move the ball around.

Jewels Jumble Jewels Jumble v1.7.5

Jewels Jumble is match-3 puzzle game with a different gameplay than the classic one. Enjoy all Jewels Jumble challenging level and try to earn 3 star for all level.

Frog Trap Frog Trap v1.0

can you catch the frog?

Brain Puzzle II Brain Puzzle II v1.0

This is a simple game. There are four rows and four columns. The task of the player is to fill either each row or each column with the same color.

Android Balls Android Balls v1.1

Android Balls is an addictive puzzle game.
Move your phone to guide dropping balls into the chute that matches their colour.

Save the ark Save the ark v1.7

Save the ark from the flood. Match all the animals before the ship sinks!

Unblock brick Unblock brick v1.3.7

Free addictive brick sliding puzzle game!

Big Tic-Tac-Toe Big Tic-Tac-Toe v1.1.5

New free Tic-Tac-Toe with player vs player, player vs computer and online games!

Netwalk NSA Netwalk NSA v1.1

NetWalk NSA is old cool logic game with some changes. Connect all device with server in a single network to complete the level. The game will display your anonymous online rating in the world, the country, region and city.
Pimp your intellect, compare with others. enjoy.

Monster Dash Crash Monster Dash Crash v1.0.0

A monsterlicious matching mobile game that will glue you to your gadgets!