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BlocksAttack BlocksAttack v1.0.2

Blocks Attack is fun and addicting collapse(blocks breaking) puzzle game.

Match 3 Match 3 v6.0.2

In Match 3, you're presented with a field of colorful symbols. Switch the position of any two symbols that are next to each other, with at least creating a row or column of three like symbols in a row. Those symbols will then disappear, and new ones will drop down to replace them. The game ends when no more moves are possible. How high a score can you rack up before that happens?

Math Blast Math Blast v1.4

An Exciting new kind of Tricky Math Puzzle game

TrackBall TrackBall v1.5

Find the path to the black hole in the shortest possible time.

Bunny Snare Bunny Snare v1.0.1

Ever played pong? Well Bunny Snare is a four sided pong game where the goal is to keep the Bunny inside the fences/paddles. How long can you keep the bunny in your control?

Crayon Puzzle Crayon Puzzle v1.0

Play the mind game in Crayon theme.Move the blocks and make way out for the target block.Play any level you wish. Play 6000 levels. Unlimited fun.

Big Bang Big Bang v1.0

Test your memory with this captivating sci-fi game!
See how far you can get without making too many mistakes!

Tic Tac Toe Mudhish Tic Tac Toe Mudhish v1.1.1

Tic Tac Toe is a classic pencil and paper game also called "noughts and crosses" or "X's and O's"

boxes and dabbas boxes and dabbas v1.1

You cannot join these dots in diagonal. You can only tap the dots which are next to the selected dot, below or above without missing any dot in-between them. Score will be added after every completion of the box. The person who makes greater amount of boxes by joining the dots will be the winner.

Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Cat Lady v1.03

Help the Crazy Cat Lady save all of her cats!

SwapIt SwapIt v2.1.2

Easy to grasp, hard to solve !

FiddleRiddle FiddleRiddle v1.1.1

Fun and Challenging puzzle game.

Perry the Penguin Perry the Penguin v1.0

Solve puzzles by collecting fruit and sliding on your belly.

Cube Flow Free Cube Flow Free v1.0

Connect the start and end points of each color while filling in the entire grid to win!

Labyrinth Colored Balls Labyrinth Colored Balls v1.0.1

An addictive Labyrinth (Teeter) game with 50 challenging levels.

Change Your Angry Face Change Your Angry Face v1.2

Try to become all people happy touching them.

Piper Piper v1.0

A simple pipe line builder game.

Boomlings MatchUp Boomlings MatchUp v1.12

The Boomlings are back! Can you handle the Boom?

Memory Mastermind Memory Mastermind v1.17

Challenge and enhance your memory! Are you a Memory Mastermind?

Cherry BouncyBall Cherry BouncyBall v1.5s

Cherry BouncyBall is a puzzle game that will glued you to your smartphone.