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ConFusebox ConFusebox v1.0.3

Connect all the wires, and light all the lights. Addictive puzzling!

Brain Bones Brain Bones v1.0.2

A challenging dice game for the brainy.

Math Is Fun Math Is Fun v1.3

Cheerful mathematical game for kids is waiting for you. Inside the game there are no advertisements and there are no purchases. The game designed specifically for children. The game is completely safe for kids.

There is a conundrum in each level. Each conundrum contains a few empty gaps. Player should fill them to finish the level. There are multiple solutions in each level. The colorful stamps are your reward. Each solution is equivalent to one stamp.

True Cube True Cube v1.0

Save the peace! Intercept little destruction cubes out to provoke war.

Dweebs Dweebs v3.0

The cute alien puzzle game!

Fleximino Deluxe Fleximino Deluxe v1.1.4

"Fleximino Deluxe" - A new, amazing tetromino game. Besides the classic game, it allows you to design and play your own customized games by creating new bricks of any shape.

Block Puzzle Pro Block Puzzle Pro v1.0.4

filling and fitting various block shapes

Jewel Conquest Jewel Conquest v1.0.0

Jewel Conquest, the strategy game that started it all! Topaz, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds come together in this mobile game that will push your skills to the limit.

Slimeomancy Slimeomancy v1.0.2

Can you help the slimes fulfill their ultimate goal?

Xse7en's Xse7en's v1.0.4

Optimized for Android and human brains.
Slide Your finger over the numbers to make se7en or multiples of se7en. You must to combine the numbers so that their sum be seven or multiples of seven. Cooling game for killing time. Good to play when you wait the bus, the train or the plane. Perfect at the office, where helps you to have a busy face in front of your boss.

Table Trouble Table Trouble v1.6

Help the well-meaning but dense Chef Bubbly assemble his cake ingredients

Mind Illusion Mind Illusion v1.1

The Mind Illusion is able to guess symbols right out of the mind of the player.

Chaos and Mayhem Chaos and Mayhem v1.1.0

Chaos and Mayhem is an addictive puzzle game. The gameplay is easy to learn so it is suitable for kids and adults. Your mission is to get the red vehicle out of the puzzle.

Find A Way PRO Find A Way PRO v1.0

Find A Way to connect all the dots.
Now enjoy the game without any ads and unlimited magic wands.

The Right Way Premium The Right Way Premium v1.0.20

The Robot is lost. It's up to you to help the Robot find his way. Robot only moves to the right. What to do!? Place blocks to move him to the right way! Avoid spikes and the arrows and platforms on the ground. Remember! You can watch him move around the map first before placing blocks. Patience is virtue. Undo is a must-do. Features -24 Mind bending levels! -Adorable Robot design! -Easy to play

Maze Laboratory Dead Maze Laboratory Dead v1.0

Want to try your hand at the new 3D maze? Bear in mind, this game will make you nervous!

Fruits'n Tails Fruits'n Tails v1.2.2


Friscus' Workshop Friscus' Workshop v1.0

The Ultimate Assembly Puzzle

Shapes Shapes v1.1.2

Use your brain and make a shape of these dots.

Catchy Tunes Catchy Tunes v1.0.0

What a great way to wind down after a long day! In this unique and relaxing game you catch notes as they float around the screen.