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Animal Detective Animal Detective v1.1

You are a police detective. By getting answers for your questions about crime suspect appearance you should reveal him.

Dice General Dice General v1.1

General is a dice game the main goal of which is to score more point than your opposite.

Sokoban Sokoban v1.0

Sokoban is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze,viewed from above,and tries to put them in designated locations.Only one box may be pushed at a time,and boxes cannot be pulled.The puzzle is usually implemented as a video game.

MM Link Free MM Link Free v1.0.5

New in 1.0.5:
1.Add Resume Game Function.
2.Add Help Info.
3.Fix others.

NotShakeMe NotShakeMe v1.0.1

Not-Shake-Me is a daemon that interpret measurements from the accelerometers and the movements you make with your android-phone. It reads information out of your movements.Now if you make the movements that can be recognized with your phone ,it will speak out like a little toys. It's great fun to try it out....

Stack the log! Stack the log! v1.0.1

Stack the logs as precisely as you can! Push the button when you feel the log is exactly above the stack.

ColorMemory ColorMemory v1.5

Test your memory power with this fun to play FREE board game. Supports multiple levels and scores.

Time Bomb Time Bomb v1.1

Can you handle the pressure and keep your wits while you try and disarm the bomb before time runs out.

Compete with others by posting your highest score online.

Spot Lite Spot Lite v1.9

The classic photo-hunting game is on Android! And now it's free!!
Can you spot 5 differences between the high quality pictures before the time runs out?

California Vanity California Vanity v1.0

Have you ever wondered what the personalized plate on that hot red Ferrari in front of you meant? How about the license plate on that tricked out Harley Davidson that you always see in the parking lot? We have all seen Vanity License Plates and guessed at their meaning, but then we usually drive away, never really knowing whether we got it right. Guess what? Guessing is no longer required. Just tap into California Vanity on your iPhone, type in any personalized license plate, and viola!: California Vanity will search over 300,000 vanity plates stored in its database for its true meaning, as provided by the owner to the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, it also has a perfectly addictive game based upon the plates that you can play alone or with friends!

Tarot Night Tarot Night v1.0.5

Professional Tarot Tool & Exciting Tarot Games!

Sliding Puzzle Full Sliding Puzzle Full v1.1.1

The game challenges you to slide pieces of an image to obtain the final picture. The sliding puzzle game comes packed with features such as shuffle, camera/sdcard images, timer and more.

XmasFirePlace XmasFirePlace v1.3

This program allows you to easily create a festive card for Christmas. Design your own Christmas fireplace, as you want and save it as a picture and send via SMS and Email.

FishesGoHome FishesGoHome v1.0.0

Fishes Go Home is a casual game. You tap a fish on the screen and draw a path to lead her to the coral home.
With fancy graphics and smooth control.
More than 11 different game modes.
Get your high score and challenging people from all over the world!

andr0gravity andr0gravity v1.3

version 1.3
- g-sensor working properly on all devices
- added support for installation to sd-card (Froyo 2.2)
- your device no longer sleep during playing
- other bug fixes

This is a new interpretation of the classic tilt-maze puzzle with new features, as breakable and "diode" walls.

- 40ty varied levels (including classical and new)
- Touch, button and sensor control mode
- Fun soundtrack (now Android learned to speak :) )
- Support all screen sizes and orientations

Happy Baby Faces Happy Baby Faces v1.2

It is so easy now with our Android application to turn your toddler's cranky moments into a happy smile! Your toddler will have a blast watching happy laughing babies and hearing funny sounds made by babies.

Our full screen game is a childproof too - your phone will be put in a lock mode not to let curious fingers to make calls or launch other applications.

Upload pictures of mom, dad, beloved grandparents and your baby's to have even more fun.

Shake the phone to hear rattles!

rabbitmaniac rabbitmaniac v1.0

The objective of the game is to breed rabbit to level up
while having fun collecting rabbit

total rabbit combination:
currently there are 12 different fur, 20 different pattern and 12 different pattern colour
so total combination is 12 x 20 x 12 = 2880 different rabbit you can breed

how to play:
Menu button locate on lower right
habitat button locate on lower middle(for you to switch habitat)

Transformoid SD Transformoid SD v0.82



Tranformoid SD continues the traditions of arkanoid (breakout) style games.Plunge into the world of fascinating physics!Your task is to drive the curved paddle and resist the real gravitation and wind.Enjoy!

DopeWars - Lite DopeWars - Lite v8.0.0

The objective is to make as much money as possible in 30 days buying and selling drugs.

Blockstacker Trial Blockstacker Trial v1.1

Blockstacker is an easy-to-learn, but challenging game where you slide rows on the board to match stacks of colored blocks to gain points. Every time you reach a new level, you get a chance to gain extra points by matching a lock and key. Watch out for the evil Magno Skulls, as they will connect with each other, and make rows move together. Use Hearts, Bombs and Orbs to your advantage, and keep the board clear.