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CruciPuzzle Mania CruciPuzzle Mania v1.03

Search hidden words to cmplete the puzzle!

Boom Pinoy Boom Pinoy v1.1.1

This is the game I offer to every Filipinos who miss playing these kind of childhood games. Once again I am very proud that I was able to use the technology nowadays to share the beauty of our traditions.

Cows & Bulls Cows & Bulls v2.2

The classic game of Cows and Bulls is back. Not like other games, this has good sound effects and interface. Play with words not numbers!

The Lost word The Lost word v1.0

Puzzle Fight for lost words

Wordentify Wordentify vWOR-0.2

Wordentify: A tease of your word skills.

Wordentify is a classic word jumble puzzle game. Test you vocabulary skills over three different game modes and join the world leaderboard.

Ultimate Word Search 2 Ultimate Word Search 2 v1.0.5

“Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed” brings our famous word search game into a new era.

Word Geek Arcade Word Geek Arcade v1.0

word game with arcade style gameplay, excellent for smartphones, just tap letter, achievements, no ads, no in app purchases, free updates

Words 5x5 Words 5x5 v4

Words 5x5 is a simple but highly enjoyable and addicting word search highscores game with over than 170K words and a possibility to customize a look of the game. Great fun for the whole family!

Words 4 Diamonds Words 4 Diamonds v1.30

Guess the word to unlock safe and take diamonds.
This is a word guessing game. Multiplayer. Turn-based.

Филворды Филворды v1.4.2

Заполни квадрат словами. Угадай их все!

Alphabet Robots Mahjong 2 Alphabet Robots Mahjong 2 v1.0.0

Alphabet Robots Mahjong 2 is a completely new and unique way to experience this classic tile matching game.

4 Pics 1 Celeb: Find the Word! 4 Pics 1 Celeb: Find the Word! v1.2

Celebrities are notoriously known across the world - but it may surprise you just how unrecognizable they are when they are without a title or clue to let you know who they are - can you guess who the celebrities are from just their faces?

1 Sentence 1 Word 1 Sentence 1 Word v1.0

One Sentence one word is best game that increase your guessing power as well as word power.

Word Jumble Word Jumble v1.1

An exciting word game for both kids and adults. Form words from the jumbled letters and get to know about new words.

Word Search Word Search v1.0

Play the classic word search puzzle game in 6 languages : English (US), Spanish, German,
Italian, French and Dutch. There are 1,000,000 fun word puzzles to solve for each language.

Hiscore Words Hiscore Words v1.06

App to discover and practice words with high scores to use in word games!

Words 4 Pattern Words 4 Pattern v1.09

App to find words matching letters using patterns. Handy for solving word games!

Word Search Puzzle Word Search Puzzle v1.0

An interesting word game. Search for words on the grid and get to know new words.

Pledruzzow Pledruzzow v3.1.0

'Word Puzzle' meets 'Logic Puzzle', a word game for word puzzle enthusiasts!

Word Get Word Get v1.15

A fast app for finding words from jumbled letters, handy for solving word games