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HostEye HostEye v1.7

HostEye keeps an eye on your servers!

QNameCards Paid Version Upgrade QNameCards Paid Version Upgrade v1.0

This is NOT a full application.
QNameCards Upgrade is used to unlock the QNameCards application to paid version. Download this app if you have already install QNameCards and would like to upgrade to QNameCards FULL.

Please follow the instruction on screen after install to unlock.

TokenTime TokenTime v1.103

TokenTimes helps you control the time spent in Meetings.

gPad gPad v1.0.5

gPad is a wireless touchpad, remote and keyboard for PC/Mac.

Create/share/download gPads for:
*Media players (Winamp/iTunes/VLC/…)
*Any of your ideas

Try the free client or buy it via PayPal, download server on pc ( and get started!

Blue Digital Clock Blue Digital Clock v1.0

A Digital Clock Widget with blue lettering for your Home Screen.
(Check Screen Shots)

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder Hi-Q MP3 Recorder v1.6.10

Record audio in high quality directly into MP3 files! Voice dictation, songs, sermons, music, talks, and concerts can be recorded in high-fidelity 44 kHz sampling, much better than the default sound recorder application.

• Real-time MP3 recording, no more waiting
• Changable bit rate from 32 to 128 kbps
• Input gain setting to make recording louder or softer
• Choose different front/back/rear microphone source

Time Tracker Time Tracker v3.0.1

Time tracker keeps track of the time you spend on any task. Find out where has your time gone.

Request new feature here:

Billfoid Billfoid v1.09

Billfoid, your personal money manager.
With custom pictures for categories and many other features. Try it!

Red Torrent Lite Red Torrent Lite v11.12.21

A bit torrent client for your phone or tablet! Built in and search. Lite is limited to one download at a time with unlimited speed.

BugClubZilla BugClubZilla v1.0.3

Bugzilla read only client. Assigned bug list and details. Connected via xmlrpc.
Worked only if xml rpc client enabled in Bugzilla.

RedCarbonDigitalClockWidget RedCarbonDigitalClockWidget v1.0

(check screen shots)

Large digital clock that takes up a 4x2 space on home screen.

To see more clocks like these, select view more
applications below.

To Use: menu> add> widget

Issues, Questions, or Poor Ratings Please send me an e-mail.
If there is anything you want created, shoot me an e-mail.

OCR Dialer OCR Dialer v1.2

Take pictures with your phone? Now you can dial with your camera. Just snap
picture of phone number from business card, wall, magazine page and dial it without typing.

Battery Saver Battery Saver v1.0.4

To save your phone's battery, you need to kill background tasks, adjust screen brightness, turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth, network etc. You need to learn how to save your device's battery.

Apps2sd Apps2sd v1.3

Apps2sd/App2sd is a tool for moving apps between phone storage and sdcard, to help you install more apps.

Advanced Manager Advanced Manager v1.0.5

Advanced App Manager is a featured tool set to manage your phone;

-Task Killer is easy and effective to speed up your phone
-Quick Settings is quick responsive for system settings
-Quick Uninstaller is fast to clean your phone
-Risk Finder is a protector for your phone

Cleaner Pro Cleaner Pro v1.2.6

Simplest and fastest uninstaller/cleaner.

Key features:

-Select apps by categories;
-Sort apps;
-Search apps by keywords;
-Uninstall & clean caches in batch mode;

Long click to find "Select All".

ChangeCalc ChangeCalc v1.1

Change calculator

ChangeCalc ChangeCalc v1.1

Change calculator

Superman Logo Widget Clock Superman Logo Widget Clock v1.1

(check screen shots)

Large analog clock that takes up a 2x2 space on home screen.

Press on clock to open Alarm app (should work on most
phones) *Alarm app does not work with Droid OS 2.3, update in work*

To see more clocks like these, select view more
applications below.

To Use: menu> add> widget

Issues, Questions, Poor Ratings or if you would like
something created, Please send an e-mail.

TofuNotes TofuNotes v2.4.3

The most elegant and user friendly note editor on slideME, for free!