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Car Widget Car Widget v1.46

Car widget make easier and quicker access to phone feature during driving.

MemoDroid MemoDroid v2.0.1

Memory training tool. Utilizes "spaced repetition" theory to manage intervals for every item based on your responses in previous repetitions in order to boost the efficiency of your learning.
Import SuperMemo data including learning progress.

Optimized release package, added about dialog and relocated ads

Whiteboard Whiteboard v1.1

Powerful tool to help people sketch on phones, demonstrate your ideas, keep temporary notes.
You can add different style of color like blur and emboss
- Choose different color of your choice
- Undo/Redo functionality
- Erase functionality
- Clear screen entirely at once

My Notes My Notes v2.0

My Notes are now in the cloud!

Life moves fast. Don't forget a thing, take notes. With My Notes it's easy to create, edit and save notes. You can place sticky notes on your desktop.
A simple notepad notes post-it widget!
Manage your notes with My Notes.
Notes features:
- Sticky Notes Widget
- Add/Edit/Delete Notes
- Sync notes in the cloud
- Add/Edit/Delete notes from a computer
Keep your notes in your pocket.

Glowing Battery Widget Glowing Battery Widget v1.0.1

Beautiful Glowing Battery Widget

MotorBike Manager MotorBike Manager v1.2

✔Track your fuel fills
✔Multiple motorbike support
✔Track your expenses
✔Date and distance reminders
✔Graphs of your fuel activity
✔Customize application for your own needs

MemoBuzz Task to do MemoBuzz Task to do v1.2

MemoBuzz Task To Do, is a simple personal organizer that gives users the feature to add location based information to their daily activities.

AppFinder AppFinder v1.0.1

App Finder is a tool for finding and launching applications already installed on your phone.

HipHop Radio HipHop Radio v1.0

Listen to your favorite HipHop music radio station everywhere!

Listen to HipHop Music Radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

Wherever you go, take the best HipHop music radio stations with you.

If you would like to add your favorite station also,please write to us.

Chip Chip v4

This App is for all visitors of the german website In this App you can get all News which are posted at the website.

Active Noise Controller Active Noise Controller v1.01

This is a virtual Active Noise Controller app that plays white-noise sounds to cancel out annoying sounds in your environment. (Specially in your office)

My To Do List My To Do List v1.3

This app will not let you forget anything.
Task Reminder, Task Scheduler, SMS scheduler, Task manager, Birthday Reminder, Birthday SMS scheduler,Morning SMS scheduler, Track your Pending Tasks. Categorize Your Tasks, Schedule your tasks daily,weekly and monthly.

Planda Planda v1.1

Planda is de planningsapplicatie die ervoor zorgt dat jou dag super verloopt!

ChangeCalc ChangeCalc v1.1

Change calculator

ChangeCalc ChangeCalc v1.1

Change calculator

uZard Pop uZard Pop v1.1.9

1. No personal information is required.
2. Whenever and wherever you can wake up your PC.
3. ActiveX web browser using your own PC.
4. Remote control can be connected anywhere, anytime

AttachSave Lite AttachSave Lite v4.0

A small, on-demand app that will save any Gmail attachment to the SD card and view it from there. It also works with Google Drive and K9mail apps.

Block SPAM SMS Block SPAM SMS v2.0

Block SPAM SMS (silently) collects all SPAM SMS coming from:
- Non-phone-format addresses AUTOMATICALLY such as LM-XYZ, TD-ABC
- Additionally, Proper phone-format addresses can also be blocked MANUALLY

Location Event Reminder Location Event Reminder v1.0.0.2

Location Event Reminder is an application that, thanks to a technology certificated and developed by Fax3D’s team, let you performs various action when you’re at specific location. In add, you could share your activities with your friends on Facebook!


TAN Manager FREE TAN Manager FREE v0.9.25

TAN Manager helps you to organize your Transaction authentication number's (TAN, T.A.N) for banking and take them with you wherever you are.