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I Know: Cartoons I Know: Cartoons v1.12

This simple, fun, free quiz game is for you. When did you see cartoons last time?
When did you feel like a child last time?

Sport quiz Sport quiz v1.3

Prepare Yourself for Rio World Cup with free application.

Guess over 140 questions about Rio World Cup, Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Start with easy questions, than answer really hard in this sport quiz.

If You consider Yourself sport expert You must try this free game.
Application offers You large variety of questions, about history of Olympic Games, about Olympic records, about different sports, like hockey, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, bobsleigh and lot more.

Flag Quiz Flag Quiz v4.3

This is a quiz application with flags. There is a practice mode and a challenge mode. In practice mode you guess until you are correct and then you continue to the next question. In challenge mode you play until you make a mistake and your best score is saved. The following languages are supported: English, Greek, Italian, German, Chinese.

Speed Anatomy Speed Anatomy v1.34

How fast can you point to your liver, gall bladder or incisor? Do you know the difference between the auricle and the utricle?
Speed Anatomy is an addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your knowledge of human anatomy! It is the most fun anatomy quiz out there. Don't use boring flashcards when you could use Speed Anatomy!

Picture Duel Picture Duel v1.022

Test your knowledge and photographic memory with Picture Duel

I Know: Celebrity I Know: Celebrity v1.10

Guess the celebrities data with Quiz: Celebrities.
Quiz is a Free, Simple and Fun game.

- Simple Gameplay.
- Number of Levels.
- Fancy Graphics.
- Lot of Fun.

Brain Blaster 2 Brain Blaster 2 v1.0.3

Be a trivia master of brain blaster!

Guess the Country Guess the Country v1.8

An exciting game with countries!

You are bored and you don't know how to diversify your leisure time? Then combine business with pleasure!

Guess the Star Guess the Star v1.8

An exciting game with world celebrities!

World Flags Quiz World Flags Quiz v2.2

Learn the flags of the world with this fun flag quiz game.

Quiz: Geo World Quiz: Geo World v1.9

Connaissez-vous la région géographique de la Suède ou la République Dominicaine? Qu'est-ce que vous savez et où vos lacunes, vous montre ce quiz géo. Il contient plus de 190 pays qui vous pouvez apprendre l'emplacement géographique de tous les pays dans le monde ludique. Votre pouvez tester votre connaissance de continent unique ou vous jouer tous les pays.

Sicilian Riddles Sicilian Riddles v1.5

Collection of Sicilian Riddles original and fun!
Play alone or challenge your friends to guess the greatest number.
Internet access is required in order for the application to function.

Quiz Your Brain : SmartPhones Quiz Your Brain : SmartPhones v1.0

Squeeze your brain and see how well you know your friends smartphones!!!

Guess Anime Quiz Guess Anime Quiz v3.1

So you think you know a lot about Anime and Manga.Here is an Anime Quiz app for you to put your Anime and Manga knowledge to the test and find out how good you really are.Even characters from your favorite Anime series might appear.You can take of various Anime series and also take the quiz about random series.You can even get your own Otaku rating and your remarks on the quiz.It'll also tell you if your answer were correct or incorrect.So what are you waiting for give it a try...

Unnützes Wissen - Quiz Unnützes Wissen - Quiz v1.4.2

Test your knowledge at a universal level and let yourself surprise and amaze questions more extremely by a multitude.

Quiz Champion Quiz Champion v1.0

A free Quiz game that challenges your general knowledge and trivia.
You answer as many questions as you can in 30 seconds in a bid to get a high score against people from all over the world.

TwinS TwinS v1.1.0.1

Train your brain, memory and attention.

Colour Mania Colour Mania v1.5.2

A colour and a word are displayed. Tap if they match!

Riddle This Riddle That Riddle This Riddle That v1.00

★★★ Riddle This Riddle That ★★★
- Play the best word riddles game ever!
- Share the riddles with your friends!

Visual-keiRockQuiz Visual-keiRockQuiz v2.6.4.0

Do you know how much band of visual system, for the artist?

Quiz shed name, profile photo from the artist, you can try the knowledge, such as nervous breakdown!
Please try the one with the confidence band of the visual system, the artist!