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GoumySort GoumySort v1.0.6

Based on the famous abacus game, Goumy Sort teaches the youngest how to sort shapes and colors, in an amusing and progressive way.

GoumySticks GoumySticks v1.1.4

Goumy helps your toddlers to learn ordering items by size

GoumyLink GoumyLink v1.0.1

Goumy Link prepares your toddler to copy a sentence by stacking items in a correct order.

Quadratic Equation Solver Quadratic Equation Solver v1.6

A simple and easy to use app which solves your Quadratic Equations for you!

SmartUni SmartUni v1.30

Mobile app support dedicated for students of University of Lodz

Shape Puzzles Shape Puzzles v1.2

Solve puzzles with basic shapes, easy to use & learn, designed for kids.

Inktera Books Inktera Books v1.37.788

Inktera makes it easy to find, purchase and read today’s most popular eBooks.

Mochu Builds Treehouses Mochu Builds Treehouses v1.0.9

Language Immersion for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course/PAL/RPAL Preparation Quiz. 250+ questions.

Arkin's Multiplication Arkin's Multiplication v1.0.0

This is a basic multiplication app.

Opposites Opposites v2.1.0

Discover "Cricket Kids", Slim Cricket's educational range for under 7 year-olds.

Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents v3.0.0

Discover “Cricket Kids”, Slim Cricket’s line of educational products for children under 7.

"It's a great aid in speech therapy! A big well done to the designers." Lisa

"It's really well designed, my kids love it!" Mary (Elementary school teacher)

"I'm a speech therapist and I use Slim Cricket apps. The kids are crazy about them." Amy

Matrix Calculator Matrix Calculator v1.2

A straightforward and functional app to solve your matrix calculations.

Aprende Coloreando Aprende Coloreando v1.39

Fun application for drawing and coloring. Educational Content!

ViOlympic Math ViOlympic Math v1.3

Math for kid 1 2 3

A Fable A Day A Fable A Day v3.0

Read a different fable every day. When you start this app, it will download the classic short story of the day and display it for you to read. It couldn't get any easier to read a different fable from day to day. The fables are short and concise so that you can quickly get through it and get on with your day.

Biblioteca de Leis Biblioteca de Leis v0.14.9

Este aplicativo foi elaborado para fornecer ao cidadão, acesso as Principais Leis Brasileiras, como as da CLT (Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas), do Código de Defesa do Consumidor, do Código Civil Brasileiro (novo e antigo), Leis das S/A (6.404 e outras), Leis do Código de Processo Civil (5.869). Leis de Transito, Leis da Administração Publica (8.666, 8.112 e outras), Lei Improbidade de Administrativa e a nossa Constituição completa.

Animal Barn Animal Barn v2.4

Hold on to your children’s hand and let’s go to an adventure of Jobi’s animal barn!

Jelly 8 Jelly 8 v3.2

Jelly 8 is Learning game about Shapes, Numbers, Colors for children.

SoT SoT v3.4

Season of tree is Emotional Education Game App for Children about Animals and Nature.