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iHusky iHusky v1.0

iHuskyApp is a application for you to post messages on the map

Map Your Wi-Fi - Paid Map Your Wi-Fi - Paid v1.3.14

Make an accurate map of Wi-Fi access points as you walk around.

Wi-Fi Ruler - Paid Wi-Fi Ruler - Paid v1.7.10

Take the tedium out of managing Wi-Fi connections.

Egypt NEWS Egypt NEWS v1.3

An application to view Egypt News and updated content from R.N.N. (Rassd News Network).

Jakarta Phone Jakarta Phone v1.0

Telepon Penting Jakarta. Aplikasi ini memudahkan anda menyimpan nomor telepon penting jakarta, seperti nomor telepon polisi, rumah sakit, informasi jalan tol, bandara, stasiun kereta api, taksi, dan sebagainya. Tidak perlu menyimpan di phonebook device anda, cukup install aplikasi sederhana ini (size kecil), mungkin suatu saat anda membutuhkan. Tap to call, otomatis memasukkan nomor telepon pada phone dialer anda.

GSEARCH! Google Advance Search GSEARCH! Google Advance Search v2.3.9

Contribution: Ads notification twice a day (with no harm)
- Widget to detect Internet Connection
- Search Web, Map, Image, Software and Multimedia
- Search all words, one or more word, exact word
- Search by time - past 24 hours, past week, past month, past year
- Search within Domain
- Search Bookmark and Browser History

AppShare AppShare v1.0.4

Using AppShare, you can send REAL apps, not just links! Quick, fast, easy!

FlirtMaps FlirtMaps v2.1.2

Welcome to FlirtMaps, the first geo-aware mobile dating apps that lets you find your next date!

AskTheLocals AskTheLocals v9.5

Find out whats happening before you go. Get help by the people that are there. AskTheLocals the only app you need to get the information from the people that are most knowledgeable about an area... the locals.

m-sports m-sports v2.0

Feed sport news, football lover, bola lover. Get your sport news online android. Enjoy your sport news.,,,,,

MonsterSpider Pro MonsterSpider Pro v1.0

This is the app that gets you connected to people and businesses.
(you get 40 quota for adding to contacts)

MonsterSpider helps you find rich information about people, businesses and contacts. The information includes email addresses, telephone numbers, locations / addresses, company names, Job Titles and names, etc.

Remote Shutdown Remote Shutdown v2.5

This application allows anyone to remotely manage their computers over a Wifi network, from parents wanting to control their kids' time online, to people wanting to prank their friends or family.

GPS2OpenGTS_Free GPS2OpenGTS_Free v1.1.8

Send GPS data to an OpenGTS server.
This is a free version with limited functionality.

GPS2OpenGTS_Pro GPS2OpenGTS_Pro v1.1.8

GPS tracing app for OpenGTS server.

Gps2GpsGate Gps2GpsGate v1.2.0

This app will send GPS data to a GpsGate server.
Latest version now supports UDP.
I have also added a Test function/screen to help with server configuration.

ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher ZT-180 Adhoc Switcher v1.4c

Easily apply/restore the 'TxPower' mod and switch to ad-hoc mode for tethering.

Androida RSS Androida RSS v1.0.1

Androida RSS is an application that allows you to be updated from your personal Android smartphone by the news and review from my site provides accurate reviews of application, themes, launcher and widget and any other content on the Official Market (and not) for Android OS; we offer quality work and consistently, infact we're in first place on Google for the keyword search as the "application for Android (and similar in the first three).

Tween Trivia For Future Teens Tween Trivia For Future Teens v1.0

This fun trivia game is a a highly active test to see what kind of teen you will be! This trivia test asks all the questions you might get while your a teen...... and what kind of things teens like! There is no right or wrong answer, it's your opinion... all about you! This app tells you what you will like in the future!

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Riddlers Challenge Riddlers Challenge v1.0

How well do you know the riddler from the wonderful batman and robin comic or tv series? Enjoy these fun riddlers quiz questions on facts of gotham. Test your comic book loving friends at the next convention or arkham meetup and see who can ace the test and prove that they're the comic king of you all.

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Call Blocker Call Blocker v2011.02.05

Call Blocker Gold (Android 1.6 Devices Only)