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Sylaps Sylaps v0.10

Sylaps - Meet with anyone. Now.
* Simple as clicking on a link to join a conversation
You no longer need to hustle your clients, customers and teamates with installing plugins, entering long ID code or adding people to an address book. Just send them a url.

File Transfer File Transfer v1.0.1

File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a WiFi. Easy-to-use user interface, no USB cable needed.

Quick Video Mail Quick Video Mail v1.4

The best and quickest way to send video messages (MMS) to your loved ones.

AuDtxt AuDtxt v1.0

AuDtxt v1.0 helps you to listen to your text files when our app speaks it for you.

Share Share v2.5

Share messages, comments and links through all your messaging and social apps with only one click. (now complete material design platform)

DroidMsg Plugin DroidMsg Plugin v2.1.8

This is DroidMSG video call plugin for you to make / receive calls with members!

Send Phiz Send Phiz v1.05

Fun and simple application to send an odd phiz to anyone. It contains collections of "ready to send" of funny faces. You can touch up any face by built-in painter in order to add your own caption or caricature.

SpeedDial SpeedDial v1.0.26

This is a fast dial-up program:
- SmartInit can automatically setup shortcut for most frequent contact person
- You can set each number to dial-up shortcut
- You can set image as dial-up shortcut

MobeeVoice MobeeVoice v1.0.28

MobeeVoice allows you to use your landline at home just like you would your mobile number. With the MobeeVoice service, your home line AND your mobile phone will now share the same number.

To create an trial account from your smart device visit:

This is a REAL account and does not expire. The account has a $1.00 Credit.

Wifi Hound Wifi Hound vversion 1.1

Save your battery and stay always connected to your preferred Hotspot.

Gelecekonline Gelecekonline v2.0

Gelecekonline Android Uygulaması. Bilişim ve teknoloji dünyasından haber ve bilgi.

aBrowser aBrowser v5.4

aBrowser is a browser ported from the YouOS operating system. The idea and goal is to keep it simple.

aBrowser is excellent for web-sites that will render perfectly for mobile devices, but the Android default browser keeps zooming in and out. Therefore, aBrowser is great for developing and testing your mobile web sites. You can also use it to develop and test Google Android apps that are based on the webview object.

RecordMe RecordMe v1.0

record voice call recording

Port Scanner Port Scanner v1.1

Simple port scanning program, multithreaded, scans common ports and returns first line of response if possible.

Online Radio Online Radio v1.0

Radio online 170 stations at one click!
5 countries for you.
Russian, Ukraine, France, Germany, USA

JustTalk JustTalk v1.0

Just Talk is a simple Text to Voice App!
Just Talk is a text to speech App!
- Text to Voice
- Start/Stop
- Save text
- Clear text
- Repeat selection
- language selection
- Capture and read text shared by other apps like browser or email
Note: Please download any missing language packages from android market.

WebCam to Android WebCam to Android v3.0

Webcam to Android

WifiSharing WifiSharing v2.0

WIFISharing allows you to scan the wifi networks around you and send messages directly to their owners.It’s that easy!

I WIsh You… I WIsh You… v1

I Wish You is made so that you could encourage, support and congratulate the other person. In turn, other people can write wishes to you, and to reply that wrote them with you.

CrossHelp CrossHelp v1.0

CrossHelp – free application of mutual assistance, which will help You, Your friends and relatives in a difficult moment, in the moment of danger; will preserve the health and property, and it is possible to save a life.