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Miss Droid Miss Droid v3.6

**Girls Most Popular Game**

Miss Droid lets you be a fashion icon and live the glamorous life! You can shop the mall for the latest fashions and Indulge in your fashion obsession with designer clothes and other accessories! Perform in events, socialize and compete with other pretty women online and make lifelong friends.

It is free downloadable game for Android devices.
Download in your Android device in a minute.

Sudoku Sudoku v1.0


Johan Cruijff Johan Cruijff v2.0

Johan Cruijff

ABnormaal ABnormaal v1.0

AB Normaal moppen

Guess the X Guess the X v0.5 BETA

Guess the X Beta Version

Chump Dump lite Chump Dump lite v2.3

Do you really need 5000 twitter friends? ChumpDump wants you to get real!

Snake Snake v1.1

Remake of the classical Snake. Included online scores comparison with all others players.
Update 26-07-2010 : improve snake controls, improve score management.
Update 09-07-2010 : increase Virtual DPad size

Simon Says Simon Says v1.0

Simon says is a fun and addicting puzzle game. The game will play tones and colors, and then you have to repeat them back.


Droids Out Droids Out v1.1.6

A Lights Out Android Game!

Poke the Rabbit! Poke the Rabbit! v1.5

Fast paced rabbit cuddling. Find them and poke them with your thumb.

MemoGame MemoGame v2.7.5

A fun game for young and old alike. Hours of entertainment that will leave you begging for more.

Kids Connect the Dots Kids Connect the Dots v1.5.2

This is a dot-to-dot game for preschoolers.
Join all the dots and reveal a nice colorful image.

Furry Legends Lite Furry Legends Lite v1.0.0

Furry Legends is a fantastic 2D platform-adventure game based on the same console game. The environment and puzzles in Furry Legends are driven by real-time physics, featuring moving bridges, falling stones, rotating elevators and much more.

Arena Arena v1.2

Shoot aliens and kamikadze elk on the space Arena. (3rd-person 3D)

DroidBall DroidBall v2.2.2

Simple action game - you shoot droid from a cannon as far as you can.

Logic Picross Logic Picross v1.3

Nonogram / Picross / Griddler / Hanjie / Paint by Numbers, these are logical puzzles that use the numbers at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden image.

RDC BlackJack RDC BlackJack v1.1.5

Black Jack , enjoy it?
Welcome to Red Dragon Casino, The king of Casino global competition that we are, you can put your bargaining chip to win to keep the Red Dragon casino specialized bank for you in the ranking of the world to see who is The king of Casino.

Poker Assistandroid Poker Assistandroid v1.1.0

NEW : Up to 6 players tables. Huge speed improvement (simulations on the same data will give more similar results than before).

Monte Carlo simulations for Texas Holdem Poker. This freeware also contains a description of the poker hands with their probabilities and a ranking on the starting hands.
Exists in EN, ES and FR.

Diamond Miner Diamond Miner v1.0

Miner is back! This time we have not only gold but also diamond in the undergroud. And of course, a horrible boss is waiting for you in the final chapter. But the miner is not the one to be trifled with. The miner will equip with brand new props and also a new strengthen system.
-8 missions for free

AlgebraTutor AlgebraTutor v1.3

Practice simple algebra equations!
- One step equations (ex: x + 3 = 5)
- Two step equations (ex: 2x - 1 = -1)
- Distributive property equations (ex: 3(2x + 4) = 12)
- Walk through the detailed steps to solve the equation
- Quiz mode
- Score tracking

Version 1.3: Quiz Mode
Harder equations soon!