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Ideal Weight Ideal Weight v1.0

•This tells ideal weight as per height and age.
•Every Human is having an ideal weight according to his/her weight and
height. this application tells you what your weight should be.

Mosquito Repellent Mosquito Repellent v1.0

This is a free desktop widget components.
By continuously transmitting powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves, it drives away mosquitoes effectively. These sound wave frequencies are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets like cat, dog, or bird . Mosquito repeller protects an area up to 10m2 (square meter).

מלך הכדורגל מלך הכדורגל v1.0

Live score boards, soccer games schedules and videos

BeatStep BeatStep vBeta 2.0.13c

Run as fast as you can: BeatStep will always select music matching your speed!

Growth Chart Growth Chart v1.2

Growth Chart:an accurate Child growth tracker

SIGApp mobile SIGApp mobile v1.0

aplikasi untuk informasi puskesmas kota bandung

NoPhoneInCar NoPhoneInCar v1.0

This application can save lives by disabling your phone when you drive.

Meditation Time Meditation Time v1.0

Meditation Time is your home for relaxation and rejuvenation. This is where you can take time for yourself and meditate. Select a mood sound and the length of time for your meditation and then relax and meditate.

Product Catalog Product Catalog v0.33.13323.49837

This is the full catalog of products offered by Shaklee, brought to you by Maggie and Charlie at which are independent Shaklee Distributors.

Mamina Babyshop Mamina Babyshop v1.1

When it comes to your baby’s needs, The Baby Gallery maintains quality products and sensible prices. Our extensive range of nursery furnishings, essential accessories and necessary equipment has been carefully selected to appeal to all parents.

Mobile Wellness Mobile Wellness v1.0.7

Mobile Wellness turns your mobile device into wellness dashboard that evaluates and analyzes your health. You use Mobile Wellness as the focal point for your goal towards a healthier lifestyle. With Mobile Wellness, you can access your avatar, health tips, and mini games.

FitScales FitScales v3.0

Weigh yourself quickly and easily with a Wii Fit Balance Board and Bluetooth enabled Android device. Weighing yourself is as simple as starting FitScales, syncing the balance board then standing still on the board when FitScales is ready. You can optionally sync your weight with RunKeeper and/or FitBit for easy tracking. FitScales makes for a convenient free alternative to costly high-tech bathroom scales. Suitable for both phones and tablets.

Weight Manager Weight Manager v1

Weight Log application is simple to use weight logger application with number of features.
With this application you can:
✔Track your weight by day
✔Keep track of measures
✔Calculate BMI
✔Set reminder, so you will never forget to weight yourself
✔Metric and Imperial units
✔Export all data and send it via email
✔Analyze custom data in Excel

Cardiospace Calendar Cardiospace Calendar v1.0

Cardiospace® calendar comes as initiative to present an easy access to cardiac care community to pre-schedule their timing as per events and locations, it provides you with a list of cardiology-related congresses, events and scientific meetings across the world. The meetings in this list are considered to be of a high enough quality to be of interest to cardiologists and cardiovascular physicians.

Emergency Emergency v1.0.2

Emergency phone calls for all groups of people like injured, sick, elderly, children, etc.

How Old Do I Look? How Old Do I Look? v1.10

Tells you how old you look by analysing a picture of your face.

SleepCycles SleepCycles v3.0

Sleep Cycles provides an interface to find the perfect time to fall asleep or wake up. It utilizes researched methods to decide the optimal time to setup alarms.

By using the proper sleep cycle at night, you will feel more refreshed when you wake up.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes Indian Vegetarian Recipes v1.0

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.

Long time vegetarian or just turned to vegetarianism for the health benefits? Indian cuisine provides among the best and variety vegetarian recipes.

This app collects the articles / recipes of the most read and followed cooks on the web and provides to you in a very user-friendly format.

Disclaimer: The copyright for the recipes and articles rest with the respective authors. They have been properly attributed in the application as well.

Idealbody Idealbody v1.0

Calcola il tuo peso forma e il tuo fabbisogno energeticoe scegli una dieta su misura adatta a te e alle tue abitudini alimentari,o imposta da solo una dieta personalizzata su misure adatta alle tue esigenze alimentari per perdere peso senza troppa fatica.Prova anche tu a dimagrire semplicemente collegandoti con il tuo telefonino

Bajo Contenido En Sodio Opciones del Café Bajo Contenido En Sodio Opciones del Café v1.0

Bajo en Sodio Opciones del Cafe

Esta aplicación le dirá qué bebidas de café cumplen los requisitos del Gobierno (FDA) para baja en sodio (menos de 2000mg de sodio por día). Es fácil!