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Calorie Calculator Calorie Calculator v1.0.7

Calculate Your Daily Caloric Needs.

Calorie Calculator Calorie Calculator v1.2.13

A simple 3-step app to calculate your BMR, RMR and daily calorie intake.

Healee Healee v2.1.0

With Healee you can easily manage your own personal health records, look up drug information, check for drug/allergy interactions, store your lab results and get medication reminders. Use our free symptom checker to find common symptoms and common causes for your symptoms. Running various reports on your health data and sharing them securely and anonymously with a professional physician has never been easier.

Push Ups Coach Push Ups Coach v1.25

Push ups are one of the best exercise you can make, they develop the muscles of the chest, arms, and the midsection as a whole. They are the base for many more advanced calisthenics exercises.

The program is designed for person who can include push ups training to others and have whole control over it.

Dentist Patient Record lite Dentist Patient Record lite v15.0

Dental Patient Record ...
store general Patient data (name sex age photo number)
store case history (diagnosis , treatment)]

Smart Pedometer Smart Pedometer v1.1

A perfect application for ypu to keep a track on how much you walk.

myKilos myKilos v1.6.1

myKilos is an innovative weight tracking app. It focuses on being simple and easy to understand.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

BMI calculator for you. Check your BMI with this app. Great app for everyone!

STOP Cigarettes PRO STOP Cigarettes PRO v1.2

STOP Cigarettes PRO - Quit smoking is the best application to help people who want to quit smoking.

Squats Coach Squats Coach v1.22

Do you want to have athletic figure and muscular legs? Are you start to preparing to running or cycling season? This program is for you!

The squats strengthen the muscles of legs, glutes, back and contributes to improving the overall health of the body. The working out of the squats increases both testosterone and growth hormone level, that hepls to the development of all muscle groups.

water tracker water tracker v1.0.1

Water tracker will help you stay hydrated to record the amount of liquid you drink each day and will warn you if you are below the target using a smart alarm to reach your goals.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.5

This application calculates the Body mass index and suggests the healthy weight for your height. Also it explains the ways to achieve healthy weight.

iMed 101 iMed 101 v1.1

Imed 101 is an m-health Android application. It's a one stop shop for all health issues. features include:
1) disease causes, symptoms and treatment.
2) weight management module with BMI and daily calories calculators.
3) google maps module for finding nearest health facilities e.g.
4) information on ways of tackling addiction.
5) recording of an accident location e.t.c

PebbleYoga PebbleYoga v1.0

Pebble Smart Watch Yoga Companion App.

1 Push-up to 100 1 Push-up to 100 v1.0.1

Make 100 push-ups in a row

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0.1

This is a fully Body Mass Index Calculator!

You can chose between imperial (feet, inches and pounds) and metric (cms and kgs) or combine them and BMI will convert the data if necessary... yes it is powerfull!

It really works with the diferences between gender and age specially for children under the age of 18!

Edit the info necessary and get your BMI calculation in one click!

Symptify Symptify v1.0

Have medical questions? Symptify is everything you need in the palm of your hand. Created by top doctors and software engineers Symptify is an online self-assessment tool that uses a customized, patent-pending, algorithmic engine to help users educate themselves about causes of symptoms.

Stop Tabaco Stop Tabaco v3.4

STOP Tabaco es la mejor aplicación gratuita para ayudar a las personas que quieren dejar de fumar.

Alcotest Alcotest v1.1

The application indicates the approximate time of complete elimination of alcohol from the body.

BabyCare BabyCare v1.1

Track babies progress, help to become more experienced parents! Baby Care - Provide information of baby feeds,Track baby growth using charts and Keep track on baby Immunization.