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Health Calculator Health Calculator v1.1.0

This application helps you to calculate daily drinking water consumption, ideal weight based on Body Mass Index and J.B. Devine formulas, and your ideal height.

Eat healthy live healthy Eat healthy live healthy v1.0.13

This is a great weight-loss app that can give you encouragement and support to help you achieve your weight lost goal.

Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama Beden Kitle İndeksi Hesaplama v1.0

Beden kitle indeksi yetişkin bir insanın kilosunun boyuna göre normal olup olmadığını gösteren bir parametredir. Bu uygulama ile beden kitle indeksinizi hesaplayabilirsiniz.

TeeDroid Caddy TeeDroid Caddy v0.9.3

TeeDroid Caddy is a golf gps range finder and game statistics tracker. Comes with 15 day trial.

BabyCare BabyCare v1.1

Track babies progress, help to become more experienced parents! Baby Care - Provide information of baby feeds,Track baby growth using charts and Keep track on baby Immunization.

Pregnancy Calculator Pregnancy Calculator v1.1

This is a pregnancy calculator based on the American Pregnancy Assiciation Website.

This still version 1.0 More features to be added in the future.

Idealbody Idealbody v1.0

Calcola il tuo peso forma e il tuo fabbisogno energeticoe scegli una dieta su misura adatta a te e alle tue abitudini alimentari,o imposta da solo una dieta personalizzata su misure adatta alle tue esigenze alimentari per perdere peso senza troppa fatica.Prova anche tu a dimagrire semplicemente collegandoti con il tuo telefonino

myBMI myBMI v1.3

This is a very simple application for Android to calculate your BMI.

Materia Medica Lite Materia Medica Lite v2.4.1

Materia Medica Lite is an adnroid application which enables you to carry "homeopathic materia medica" wherever you go (No need of Internet). This application facilitates the user to browse through the homeopathic remedies in two ways:
1. Browse by Remedies.
2. Browse by Materia Medica.

What Additives What Additives v3.2

What Additives v3 provides quick reference to simplified information about food additives (E-numbers).

AndTracks Free AndTracks Free v1.1

AndTracks is a gps tracker that records your path while jogging, running, biking etc.. While recording it will gather useful statistics that you can review afterwards. Afterwards you can save that track along with its statistics or even share it via email or facebook.


This application is pointed to both citizens and visitors of Greece, in need of any kind of medical supply in the country. The application works offline, and will provide the user with all the information needed to find any kind of medical services supplier (doctors, diagnostical centers, hospitals e.t.c.).

Vab Sms Vab Sms v1.2

Förenkla din vab anmälan till försäkringskassan!

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy v1.5

You and your kids will sleep easy with this free Android application.

Skin App Skin App v4.0a

Skin App - an app for your skin

Diet Planner Diet Planner v1.2

Diet Planner is a free dieting tool that allows Android users to search and log nutritional food data, popular exercises, as well as track their weight loss, all while on the go.

Hockey Team Hockey Team v1.4

For the coach or captain of a recreational hockey team.

Given the number of players who showed up in the dressing room... how many forwards and how any defense is that?!
Also suggests how you might divide up your forwards.

Language is gender-neutral so you can use it for girls/womens teams too.

Please note: this app is *not* a game.

İdeal Kilo Hesaplama İdeal Kilo Hesaplama v1.1

İdeal Kilo Hesaplama uygulaması ile yetişkin bir insanın ideal kilosunun kaç olması gerektiğini ve beden kitle indeksinizi hesaplayabilirisiz.

Body IMC Body IMC v1.1.5

Adult BMI (IMC) Calculator.
Check you health state, amount of weight you to have to lose/gain and more !
This app is available in English, French and Portuguese.

Vibro Morse Vibro Morse v1.1.2

Challenge Your senses! Enjoy a relaxing massage that can rise your spirits. Wanna know how? Using this little helper app you can utilize and apply not just three levels of massaging vibrations to part of your body, but also enter a customized message of yours that will be implied to your subconsciousness by vibrating its equivalent Morse code while playing a gentle wind-chimes sound for a effectively relaxing and thriving combination.