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PikiPoki PikiPoki v1.3.3

High in the clouds there was the kingdom of PikiPoki.
One night these small creatures were surprised by an asteroid, which crashed between them. Deafening bang was followed by pitch black darkness and only one of them has avoid the crash of an asteroid. His mission is to find and save other Pokies, which got lost in the dark.

Wall Defense Wall Defense v1.0.0

Wall Defense - bloody action- arcade game , whose main goal is to relax the nerves and killing time :)

Mighty Dungeons DEMO Mighty Dungeons DEMO v1.7.0

✮ Enjoy this fan-made crossover between old-school boardgames Heroquest, Warhammer Quests and oldies games Diablo and Dungeon Master

--> This is a demo version, if you like it please download the full version for hours of dungeon crawling fun ;)

✮ Wander evil-packed dungeons and battle golems, demons and other soul-less creatures with dozen of hours of gameplay through 3 campaigns, 6 heroes, a plethora of weapons, armors, potions and magic spells at your disposal

Cute'n'Angry Bubble Trouble Cute'n'Angry Bubble Trouble v1.0.0

This CUTE, FUN and ADDICTIVE game will make your fun bubbles pop and make you want to rule the Bubble Kingdom. Tap away into this amazing world, accept the challenge and get the best SCORE, while enjoying an amazing adventure in a fabulously adorable world!

Doodle Fall Doodle Fall v1.0.4

Join Sean the doodle in his mysterious exciting journey to the top of the great fall.

Save Obama Save Obama v1.0.0.7

Save Obama, Fill the Budget USA.

Wild Johnson's Revenge Free Wild Johnson's Revenge Free v1.1.0.0

First Person Shooter set in Wild West.

Fight as a sheriff and beat Evil Chief and his gang.

SpiderFloodFree SpiderFloodFree v1.1.0

Oh noooo spiders are coming! Smash them before they flood You!

Terrible Monster Run Terrible Monster Run v1.0.5

Action-packed monster infested obstacle race! Fun for all ages!

Sea Bubble Sea Bubble v7.0

Sea Bubble is a fun and relaxing game in which you have to predict your fish ricochet direction and speed. You must have a great reflexes and a desire of having fun and completing all the levels.

Slap The Hipster Slap The Hipster v1.0.0

Feeling mainstream? Oh well, isn’t that ironic! If you’re tired of all the hipsterism around you, like we are, maybe slapping one of them will make you feel better

Kabu Sky Kabu Sky v1.0.0.2

Epic 2D platformer game.

Templar Run Templar Run v1.07

The Assassins have invaded the Templar Castle and scattered it's treasury. It's up to the Templar Guardians to gather the treasure while destroying the Assassins.

Millenium Alien Millenium Alien v1.0

Millenium Alien is a 2D shooter game. Here user assumes the role of operator of a super weapon to start a fightback against the merciless aliens, who laugh at our struggle for survival.

Run to Fight Run to Fight v1.4

Aliens attacked... Run & Wipe them to save your life.

Greedy Bunny Greedy Bunny v1.0.3

A Physics based action shooting game with extreme adrenaline & adventure to deal with.

Trapped in a Nerd Factory Trapped in a Nerd Factory v1.2

Kill all nerds!!!

Monkey Adventure 2 Monkey Adventure 2 v1.3

A new FREE game for hidden object game lovers. Hungry Monkey lost the fruits in the city. Find the fruits for the monkey..

Last Stand Last Stand v1.8

Prepare your cannon for the ultimate combat. Guard your motherland as the enemy launches waves and waves of troops against you.

Air Ball 3D Air Ball 3D v1.2

Select airport and throw the ball with full force and beat the boxes.
We have created for you four airports with different arrangement of boxes. Any Airport contains 20 levels. On every 20th level you will unlock one new ball.