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Boxed Out Boxed Out v1.3

Boxed Out is a classic strategy game reinvented for smartphones and tablets. The objective is simple; get more boxes than your opponent to win the game. Score boxes by completing the last side of each box. Play with a friend or against the computer that offers three challenging levels of difficulty.

TV Memory TV Memory v1.6

TV Memory is a memory game with 90 levels. You are shown a sequence of coloured symbols after which you need to complete the pattern. Each level awards 50 points. Bonus points are awarded for completing each level quickly. This game may drive you insane. Levels start of easy and progessively get much more difficult.

LetterWars LetterWars v0.18.4

Challenge your friends in this awesome round based game of letters and words.

Tiny Aliens Escape Tiny Aliens Escape v1.16

Tiny Aliens Escape is an ORIGINAL and fun brain game!
Your target is simple, use the push/pull controls to move
the tiny aliens and create a unique shape in each level.
Only when you will succeed, the tiny aliens will be free to return home.
Discover never-before-seen gameplay.
Challenge yourself for hours with 60 addictive levels.
Enjoy amazing graphics and animations.
Tiny aliens need you help!

Gravity Sheep FREE Gravity Sheep FREE v1.3.8

Draw shapes with your finger and they become real physical objects.

From Cheese FREE From Cheese FREE v1.5.1

Awarded Game: *** Samsung Smart Apps Challenge 2012 GRAND PRIZE WINNER ***
Twist your mind, challenge your skills, get the Cheese!
1) Draw a scent-trail FROM CHEESE to Mouse
2) Press the PLAY button and the mouse will try and follow the scent-trail
3) If you made a mistake, swipe over the scent bar for precise, continuous undo!
4) Find the shortest path to save scent and get more stars
5) Remember: you draw FROM CHEESE to Mouse

Crisis Trivia Crisis Trivia v5.0

Bernanquiz yourself!

BarbarYaman BarbarYaman v1.5.3

A new best alternative to brain games.

League of Legend Quiz League of Legend Quiz v1.1.2

Quiz (trivia) is based on champion's quotes of the MOBA game called League of Legends. Questions of various difficulty will allow you to fill knowledge gaps about champions quotes, as well as provide much entertainment. Check your knowledge of League of Legends with our quiz!

CrossSlide CrossSlide v1.0

train your brain

Very difficult logical game for two people.
Very high interaction between players.

Six variants of the game plus a random hand.

Wrecked Picture Wrecked Picture v1.41

Make a great picture! Watch out for explosions - your picture will be wrecked!

Great picture puzzle game with great explosions!

Critter Fitter Critter Fitter v1.074

Fit the abducted animals into your spaceship!

Woodebox Free Woodebox Free v1.7

Woodebox is an addictive puzzle solving game, inspired by other older games like Tangram, Pentomino, Unblock me or Crossfingers, it takes all the great characteristics of these classic puzzle games and blends them together to make something really special.

Bubble Breaker FREE Bubble Breaker FREE v2.0

Bubble Breaker is addictive classic logic game (sometimes called Same Game or Bubble Popper). Click on a group of 2 or more like coloured bubbles to select them. Click on the group again to pop them. More number of bubbles, more points you get.

Glitch Glitch v1.11

Control Glitch, collect power charges and make your way to the microchip exit. Easy? Not really.

Slider Slider v2.6

Slider is the 15-puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square and many others) is a sliding puzzle game. It consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing or empty.

Blockout3D Blockout3D v1.2

3D remake of popular game - Blockout. Place falling blocks on a three-dimensional grid to fill out whole floor.

Animation Movies Animation Movies v1.0

Do you like animation movies?
Enjoy guessing popular movies with only one image.

Sayı Bulmaca Sayı Bulmaca v1.1

Telefonun veya bir arkadaşınızın belirlediği 4 haneli bir sayıyı tahmin etme üzerine kurulu bir oyundur.

You can find 4 digits number against phone or your friend...

BBQMadness BBQMadness v4.0

Get crazy & be addictive in BBQ Madness.