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Remind me! Remind me! v1.0

Remind me! allows you to create reminders based on a location within selected range.

reMind reMind v1.10.14

Original Alarm Clock idea based on repeating notifications. You can setup a pattern for reminders depending on how urgent and important event is.

Remember Remember v1.0

Got a lot of trivial things to remember? Don't want to lost something when you find it important later? Want to keep some evidences?
Just digitize them into your phone, remember the trivial things you care about

REM Client Ver 1.03 REM Client Ver 1.03 v1.2

Real Time ECG Client for Maestros eUno R10 Telecardiology Soultion.

RedCarbonDigitalClockWidget RedCarbonDigitalClockWidget v1.0

(check screen shots)

Large digital clock that takes up a 4x2 space on home screen.

To see more clocks like these, select view more
applications below.

To Use: menu> add> widget

Issues, Questions, or Poor Ratings Please send me an e-mail.
If there is anything you want created, shoot me an e-mail.

Red Torrent Lite Red Torrent Lite v11.12.21

A bit torrent client for your phone or tablet! Built in and search. Lite is limited to one download at a time with unlimited speed.

Red Apple Logo Widget Clock Red Apple Logo Widget Clock v1.0

(check screen shots) Large analog clock that takes up a 2x2 space on home screen. Press on clock to open Alarm app (should work on most phones) *Alarm app does not work with Droid OS 2.3, update in work* To see more clocks like these, select view more applications below. To Use: menu> add> widget Issues, Questions, Poor Ratings or if you would like something created, Please send an e-mail

RecycleBin RecycleBin v2.0

Manage your all mobile files by Recycle Bin App.

Recorder Recorder v1.4

Use the microphone of your smartphone or tablet and record any sound in two of the most used formats, 3gp and mp3. Try it ;)

ReceiptKeeper ReceiptKeeper v1.1

Use this app to create records of your receipts!

Read Later Read Later v1.0.2

Read Later is an unofficial instapaper client, it can save web articles for reading them later offline.

Read Fast Read Fast v1.0.3

Reading fast is now possible. Try uploading a text file from your device and see how fast you can read the content. Time yourself if you want to test your progress.

QuickJotNotesJournal QuickJotNotesJournal v1.0.0


Looking for a quick and easy jot notes app?

This single app is a great addition to your device and will allow you to take quick notes.

Need to jot down a name? NO PROBLEM!
How about a few items from a grocery list? EASY!
Want to email your notes to yourself or a friend? PIECE OF CAKE!
Need to write out a few pointers but can't find a pen and paper? QUICK JOT NOTES JOURNAL TO THE RESCUE!

Quickcopy Quickcopy v0.8.1

A copy paste application that manages frequently used text snippets. Snippets can be copied to the clipboard with one touch.

Quick Settings Quick Settings v1.9.8

Quick Settings is a highly customizable all-in-one settings applications for Android

Quick Notes Quick Notes v0.1

A simple notepad application.
When you write notes, memos, e-mail, information, shopping lists, to-do list, it can give you a quick and simple notepad editing experience.
You can set reminders for each important note, so that you will not miss important things.
You can place it on the phone's desktop, to record some easy to forget things. And there are two different specifications, each specification of five different colors of sticky notes can be selected.

Quick Note Quick Note v2.0

Hand write notes quickly and easily with Quick Note

Quick Quick v1.0

Quick allows you to quickly access your favorite apps, contacts, and bookmarks with just one press of a folder. It’s easy, just place a folder icon on your home screen and inside each folder you can store quick links to whatever you want. You may designate one link or several links to each folder. The perfect organizer for your smart phone or tablet.

Quadratic Equation Solver Pro Quadratic Equation Solver Pro v1.0

An easy to use app for your quick calculation of quadratic equation, no more repeating in using the annoying long quadratic formula.

QR Code Reader QR Code Reader v4.02

QR Code Reader is a full-featured QR code scanning app.