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Remind me! Remind me! v1.0

Remind me! allows you to create reminders based on a location within selected range.

TaskSwitcher TaskSwitcher v1.0

Quick switch tasks from notification bar.

autoMinder autoMinder v1.3.0

Now you can manage your fleet of vehicles on the go, more quickly and efficiently than ever before. autoMinder is an app designed to record, manage and consult all information concerning your vehicles, helping you to avoid errors and save money.

This is the FREE version (ads supported).

Dollarpic Dollarpic v6

Dollarpic lets you sell your photos on the marketplace

Shake Battery Charger Shake Battery Charger v1.0.1

Go green with your phone charging! Just shake your phone and receive green energy for your battery!

It works on all major phones, no matter hardware or software version. Completely FREE!

Instant Photo Instant Photo v3

Instant Photo - a way to quickly and easily capture images. It really is the fastest way!

EzNotepad EzNotepad v0.9.7

It fast, easy, and no fuss.
The note file saved to folder e.g. SD-Card.
Email your notes seamlessly.
Or you can read the note file with other editor.
You can replace text from last searched / selected text.
Autoindented new lines.

With some style applicable :
- Bold
- Italic
- Monospace
- Underline

Photaf Photaf v3.2.0

Create a 3D panorama easily
by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor to know the exact angle each picture was taken.

Easy Tasks Easy Tasks v1.0

Easy Tasks is an outliner app that will help you get organized in a very simple way and keep your tasks in front of you at all the times. Make a note on the go – Text, Voice, Audio, Video, Photo, GPS, Barcode.

Spy Tool Kit Free Spy Tool Kit Free v1.9

Spy Tool Kit - 6 professional & fun apps in 1
The ultimate set of utilities for undercover agents, Spy Tool Kit is six apps in one powerful package! From covertly recording conversations to creating timely (and potentially comical) diversions, to shedding light on your, or your enemies' clandestine activities, Spy Tool Kit has everything you need!

Skinny Note Lite Skinny Note Lite v1.3.1

Get Skinny Note Lite Notepad!Easy to use, and will simplify your everyday life!

Use it as a smart notepad and diary, to create and manage text notes and check-lists (to-do, shopping, reminder ...).

Geoplanning Geoplanning v2.1

Pointeuse mobile

Claystone: Avenge Claystone: Avenge v1.0

The 'Avenge' theme for Claystone Launcher represents a complete departure from the default presentation - showcasing Claystone panels head on for the first time amidst a dynamic, electric interface.

XLMSoft Database XLMSoft Database v1.05

XLMSoft Database is your personal database manager. Manage all of your personal data with a single app! Fast and easy to configure, easy to use!

With this app you will quickly get an overview over all your collections (e.g. your CD collection, your DVD & Blu-ray collection, your collection of books or video games, your wine cellar). Keep track of your purchases, manage inventory or task lists. The possibilities are endless.

Claystone: Blueberry Claystone: Blueberry v1.7

The 'Blueberry' theme for Claystone Launcher adds a brighter, more vibrant interface to Claystone's innovative 3D environment. Blueberry redefines numerous aspects of the default app's appearance, including revised graphics for Quick Launch, Facebook, Twitter stacks and more.

My Assistant My Assistant v1.2

Nikol is your virtual voice assistant. Nicole will do the following things for you:

✔ Open phone applications
✔ Call favorite contacts
✔ Search in Google and Google Maps
✔ Check today's weather
✔ Answer on some everyday questions
✔ Answer on some dirty questions
аnd many more...

Spy Profile Spy Profile v1.6

This app provides you with a possibility to track basic data about the people you are interested in.

Stock Watcher Stock Watcher v1.7.2

Stock Watcher is the best stock tracker app synced with Yahoo Finance server. Features:
* Support Yahoo Server in US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and Canada.
* Support worldwide markets.
* Up-to-date stock details.
* Financial News (RSS).
* Twitter news search.
* Zoom-able Technical Analysis Chart
* Multiple Widget.
* Multiple Portfolio.
* World Market Indices
* Market Movers
* Shares

RSS Reader RSS Reader v1.0.6

Get your hands on the best RSS Reader application! Use News Beat to stay up to date on your favorite news, blogs, and entertainment. This easy to use News reader keeps you in the loop on the go, whether you are online or offline.

Claystone Claystone v2.5

Claystone Launcher - Everything in your cloud and Android phone in one swipe.

With Claystone we've strived to redefine the launcher genre with our new tandem launcher, allowing you to use Claystone and your standard launcher simultaneously.