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VW Golf Line from mk1 to mk7 Live Wallpaper VW Golf Line from mk1 to mk7 Live Wallpaper v1.1

HD live wallpapers with your favorite line of auto - Volkswagen Golf. It are showed versions strarting from mk1 to mk7. Use for free and enjoy!)

Abstract Wallpapers HD Abstract Wallpapers HD v1.0

High quality abstract wallpapers, over 100+ wallpapers with different colors effects for your phone and tablet

Ashura Live Wallpaper Pro Ashura Live Wallpaper Pro v1.0

A single tear shed for Husayn washes away a hundred sins! Remember the day of victory for Islam with Ashura Live wallpaper app.

Halloween Ocean Live Wallpaper Halloween Ocean Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

This is what happen when the fishes are in halloween mood...

Halloween Live Wallpaper Halloween Live Wallpaper v1.1.0

Halloween Live Wallpaper - Absolutely Free!

Pumpkins are surrounding the haunted house. They are falling from the sky. Are you ready for some fun?

Halloween Live Wallpeper is free!

Enjoy the Holidays!

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

Remember to rate it if you like our Halloween Live wallpaper! Please report any errors, bugs or requested feature.

City at night City at night v5.2

Enjoy the busy streets, on your device.
NO spyware, NO malware
Free bonus - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds.

Atatürk Fotografları Atatürk Fotografları v1.0

Bu uygulama sayesinde Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün birbirinden güzel fotoğraflarına bakabilir ve sevdiğiniz bir fotoğrafını tek bir dokunmayla arkaplan olarak ayarlayabilirsiniz.

Flowers Wallpaper Flowers Wallpaper v2.1.2

Beautiful live wallpaper - Flowers.

Cars at night Cars at night v5.2

A window to the city night life – inside your phone.
NO spyware, NO malware
Free bonus - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds.

Sandy Starfish Live Wallpaper Sandy Starfish Live Wallpaper v27

Sandy Starfish live wallpaper with touch waves and ripples, tap or touch the screen to create fluid motion water ripples.

Oriental Heart Live Wallpaper Oriental Heart Live Wallpaper v3.0

Oriental Heart Live Wallpaper with interactive glitter trails. Slide your finger to make trails of glitter.

hardwellspaceman hardwellspaceman v1.0

The success of this talented artist is out of this world. This year he won the IDMA award for Best Breakthrough DJ in Miami and with this release Hardwell is aiming high for that worldwide summer anthem.

1. Go to setting and configure it according to your device.

HD Christmas Live Wallpaper HD Christmas Live Wallpaper v1.2.4

Make your phone's look stylish and unique! Our high definition Christmas Live Wallpaper offers you the comfort of Christmas Eve on your phone screen. It's specifically designed for devices that support multiple home screens. Sliding both directions will uncover our beautiful Christmas home.
This application is an interactive animated background, it can be set on your home screen as a live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+.

Makkah Kaaba Live Wallpaper Makkah Kaaba Live Wallpaper v1.1.2

Amazing Makkah Kaaba Live Wallpaper!
Mecca, Kaaba! This is the most beautiful place in the world.
Impress yourself with a breathtaking Kaaba Live Wallpaper.

How to install:
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpaper -> Select Makkah Kaaba Live Wallpaper From List -> Click Set Wallpaper

Nature Wallpapers HD Nature Wallpapers HD v1.0

Free Nature wallpapers
This application contains a large collection of nature wallpapers
All of the images are in HD resolution. Waterfalls or trees, flowers, all that and more, download and enjoy this wonderful nature wallpapers.


peaceworld© is an interacting wallpaper which shows a calm and peaceful place in the world.

1.After installation, configure the wallpaper according to your phone screen.
2.Set the fps as you want bu I recommend to put fps in 10.

Halloween Halloween v1.0

Halloween is coming! 70% OFF! Hurry up! Terrific Live Wallpaper only for $0,3.
Halloween is about to scare the hell out of your mobile! Get ready for a long and frightful Halloween night and feel its spirit beforehand!

Beach Crab Beach Crab v5.2

Your own exotic pet – inside your phone!
NO spyware, NO malware
Free bonus - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds.

White tiger wallpaper HD White tiger wallpaper HD v1.0

White tiger wallpapers

This application contains a large collection of white tigers wallpapers, all of the images are in HD resolution of dangerous, but still beautiful tigers.

Science fiction wallpaper HD Science fiction wallpaper HD v1.0

Free wallpapers
This application contains a large collection of science fiction wallpapers amazing images of science fiction, have you ever wish to have a time machine? Download those amazing wallpapers and escape from reality, enjoy in the world of science fiction.