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Macro flowers Macro flowers v1.0

Macro images of flowers represent the natural beauty at its finest. This is a huge collection of macro and close-up photos of flowers with beautiful colors or with drops of water, stunning photos of lotuses, water lilies, orchid flowers, roses and many others. Your phone will burst with colors and stunning beauty with these flower wallpapers.

Eyes Wallpapers HD Eyes Wallpapers HD v1.0

Free Eyes wallpapers
This application contains a large collection of eyes wallpapers. Beautiful seductive eyes.
Green or blue, black, or brown matter all have a special beauty.

Christmas Wallpaper Christmas Wallpaper v1.0

Merry Christmas. This is a Christmas special application to help users browse Christmas special images. Users can share it with there friends, save the image for offline access or even save it as a background.
For any issues please write back to Merry Christmas.

Miss You Mouse Live Wallpapers Miss You Mouse Live Wallpapers v1.0

Miss You Mouse Live Wallpapers

Dj Vinyl Disk LWP Dj Vinyl Disk LWP v1.0

Super Dj Vinyl Disk is spinning on your device.
Wallpaper Settings:
- you may change spin speed of vinyl.

Interdimensional waves full version Interdimensional waves full version v1.16

Experience interdimensional waves flowing across hyperspace!
The waves, the shifting colors and the hypnotic design create a trance inducing effect. Experience this never ending flow of inter dimensional waves now!

Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Interdimensional waves

You can choose your favourite wave pattern, then adjust the colors, speed and pulsation, to create the ultimate interdimensional experience!

Autumn Autumn v2.3

Autumn. Live wallpaper.

Men Endless Escape LWP Men Endless Escape LWP v1.0

This escape of funny little painted men never ends. They are running, jumping and fighting.
Wallpaper Settings:
- you may change escape speed of pistons.

Spaceship Live Wallpaper Spaceship Live Wallpaper v1.0

Here is a super cool live cartoon spaceship for your phone screen. If you are a fan of SCI FI and cartoons you will love to have this animated spaceship hovering on your phone.

Disco Ball Live Wallpaper Disco Ball Live Wallpaper v1.0

Have your very own retro style rotating disco ball on your phone screen. If you are a disco fan and you love to dance here is a cool live wallpaper for you.

Motor Pistons LWP Motor Pistons LWP v1.0

You are inside the engine. Now you know how pistons work.
Wallpaper Setting:
- you may change rotation speed of pistons.

Dancing Baby Boy LWP Dancing Baby Boy LWP v1.0

Say hello to Tyler, a cute baby boy that loves to impress with his dance moves. This music loving, dancing baby boy will cheer you up every time you look at your phone.

Blood Cells Blood Cells v4.0.0

Blood Cells Live Wallpaper.

Space warper full version Space warper full version v1.7

Space warper creates thousands of inter dimensional shapes,
which warp time and space. These shapes open up gates to the tunnels that connect the universe. This live wallpaper will fill your screen with a flow of inter dimensional visuals and give you lots of mystical experiences. It is very suitable for meditation or just relaxing, while watching the shifting patterns.

Ubuntu Unity Theme Ubuntu Unity Theme v1.1

Experience Ubuntu Unity on your Android device with the GO Launcher EX theme.

Dancing Baby Girl LWP Dancing Baby Girl LWP v1.0

Jessica is a lovely baby girl with big blue eyes that loves to dance! This cute dancing baby girl will lift up your spirit and make you smile each time you look at her funny moves.

Dancing Baby Live Wallpaper Dancing Baby Live Wallpaper v1.0

Meet Jake, a very cute baby boy that loves to dance on your phone screen. His cute hair, big lovely eyes and funny dance moves will put a smile on your face every time you look at your Android device.

Funny Christmas animals Funny Christmas animals v1.0

It's that time of the year and Christmas has taken over everything… even animals. These party animals are so in the mood for Christmas. And they wish you a Merry (or Meowy) Christmas. There's nothing better than cute animals in Christmas dress to get you in the holiday spirit. Enjoy the holidays with this collection of cute pictures with funny animals in Christmas mood.

Real Fairytale Castles Real Fairytale Castles v1.0

These castles look like they came from a fairy tale, but they are pretty much real. Fairy tales do come true as you can see on these images of magnificent castles which still exist around the world in all their beauty. As the castles also the landscapes around them seems magical and fairy tale like. Slide through the gallery or set a beautiful image as background and enjoy the magical scenery with beautiful, real-life fairy tale castles.

Haiti Radio Pro Haiti Radio Pro v1.1

Haiti Pro Radio on Android Devices.