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Prepositions of direction Prepositions of direction v1.1.2

Kids Grammar Prepositions 2 is one of the series of Fun4Learning programs which combines learning and playing perfectly. Educational games for kids are all we do, our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"

Punctuation Punctuation v1.0

Kids Grammar Punctuation is an educational games for young children to learn English grammar. Our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"

Telling the time Telling the time v1.0.0

Kids Learn Time is an educational game for young children.Our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"

Being able to tell the time is a very valuable skill for kids. On a clock, we measure time in hours and minutes. There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in one day. Our cute cat will teach you how to telling the time step by step. Also Qcat give the kids a chance to practice telling the time from easy to difficult.

Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales v3.7

"Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales" es un instrumento útil para aquellos que están tratando de introducir a sus hijos al mundo de la música.

27 Instrumentos Musicales!

Vas a dejar que tu hijo vea algunos instrumentos musicales y los asocia con la música correspondiente.

Aprender instrumentos musicales será fácil y divertido. Enseñar la música es la mejor manera de empezar el niño a una educación más profunda y más rápida.

Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments v3.7

Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments is a useful tool for those who are trying to introduce their children to the music world.
Now 27 Instruments available!
You'll let your child see some musical instruments and associate them to the corresponding music.
Improve your children QI!
Once your child will be able to recognize instruments and music, you can use the same app to let him play a music quiz.
The best app available for learning musical instruments!

Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali v3.7

Con "Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali" potrete insegnare a vostro figlio il suono e il nome degli strumenti musicali.
Adesso disponibili 27 strumenti!
Giocando con le icone il bambino assocerà presto il suono allo strumento musicale e sarà in grado di indovinarlo solo ascoltandolo!
Imparare gli strumenti musicali sarà un gioco facile e divertente. Un’applicazione per il vostro bambino che lo aiuterà a crescere e scoprire cose nuove.

Krok-Hacks Krok-Hacks v0.0.1

Quick and simplified way to prepare for KROK 1 medicine exams.
Krok-Hacks offers 400+ must know Krok Exams markers and over 1000 Past Questions.

HTML Code Play HTML Code Play v3.7

Learn client side programs including html and css

Memory game with sounds Memory game with sounds v1.3

An educational and entertaining memory game with sounds for all ages!

Adventurous kid! Adventurous kid! v1.3

Games inspired by nature for curious, creative and adventurous kids.

Guitar Scales Guitar Scales v2.2.9

Guitar - Scales - Interactive guitar reference.
+ PENTATONIC & BLUES SCALES (in 5 positions).
+ GUITAR SCALES Major, minor, melodic minor .
+ The 7 MODES in parallel form - an introduction.
+ Ionian ,Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian etc.
+ GYPSY SCALE, harmonic minor.
+ Pentatonic Majors with added blue notes.

Guitar Tools Guitar Tools v2.2.6

Guitar Chords - Guitar Scales - Guitar Tunings

Supermarket - Learn & Play Supermarket - Learn & Play v1.3

Educational game for kids simulating shopping in the Supermarket.

Vehicles - Learn and Play Vehicles - Learn and Play v1.5

A multilanguage educational game for kids with 30 vehicles and various transportation types.

Animals - Learn and Play Animals - Learn and Play v1.5

A multilanguage educational game for kids with 40 animals classified in six different worlds.

Sounds for Kids Lite Sounds for Kids Lite v3.0.1

Sounds for Kids – is a preschool age kids program which helps to broaden the mental outlook of kinds about the world around or to give them a useful occupation and give parents some free time.

It consists of 5 parts, pressing which the photo, the name and sound of the chosen category of real life are displayed.
Each category has 5 different sounds and photos.

In all there are 300 SOUNDS AND PHOTOS, including animals, birds, vehicles and musical instruments.

Teach Your Kids Math Teach Your Kids Math v1.7

Teach your kids Math using flashcards with dots and numbers. Learning math is easy with Glenn Doman's method!
Fullscreen flashcards with numbers and equations in dots or numeral format.
A fully customizable 9 weeks schedule with 3 sessions per day.
Record the pronunciation of the number using your own voice.

Equation Solver Equation Solver v1.5

for linear equations up to 4 unknowns and up to fifth order polynomial

Autastico Autastico v1.1

Autastic: Autism + Fantastic! The "funeducative" Android Game!

Guía de Peces de Río Guía de Peces de Río v3.01

In this guide you can see 53 species of fish with their respective photos