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Companion Exercise Free Companion Exercise Free v2.01

Every other Exercise app on the market has the same tired old story. Every one makes you a "PROMISE" that you will do "100" push ups (or situps) in a few short weeks. I tested several of them and they each failed to deliver on their promise.

So I set about designing an App that doesn't make promises that it will fail to deliver on.

Complete Gym Exercise Guide Complete Gym Exercise Guide v2.0

With over 110 great exercises (Including 40 Abdominal exercises) get the best full body exercise guide on Android ! And its Free!

Constellation Almanac Constellation Almanac v1.0

Can predict the fortunes constellation almanac,
After set birthday,
Will be able to predict the fortune.
In the application, you can read the fortune of your own history, learn new things, enjoying themselves.
You can also share their fortune by way of SMS, email, microblogging to a friend,Bring more fun and good luck to my friends

Consulta CID10 FREE Consulta CID10 FREE v1.1.3

A consulta à Classificação Internacional de Doenças - CID 10 - na palma de sua mão!

Destinado à área médica e aos profissionais da saúde afins, provém acesso prático e conveniente à versão 2008 da CID-10.

Cosmetics Design Cosmetics Design v1.3

Download de Cosmetics Design App voor eerlijk & onafhankelijk advies op het gebied van liposculpture, fillings, facelifts, borstvergroting en nog veel meer!
Hier vindt u informatie over de ingrepen die COSMETICS DESIGN aanbiedt. De plastisch chirurgen zijn erkend en de artsen zijn zeer ervaren en voeren de ingrepen wekelijks tientallen keren uit.

Daily Calorie Counter Daily Calorie Counter v1.0

A simple calorie counter app.

Daily Drink Daily Drink v1.1

Daily Drink allows you to keep track of exactly how much you drink a day.

Daily Yoga (Abs) Daily Yoga (Abs) v2.7

Daily Yoga for Toning Abs provides professional Abs building routine based on 16 yoga asanas, with animation demonstration and an average 10-minute training duration. We have detailed instructions displayed on Semi-transparent windows which help you become more active in Yoga Learning.

Daily Yoga (Back) Daily Yoga (Back) v2.7

Daily Yoga for Back Buildup includes back muscles and fit figure building routine based on 19 yoga asanas, with an average 10-minute training duration. Demonstration animation is available to guide you through the whole sequence. Detailed instructions are displayed on semi-transparent windows which could help you become more active in Yoga Learning.

Daily Yoga (Chest) Daily Yoga (Chest) v2.5

Daily Yoga for Chest brings about 16 carefully chosen yoga asanas for men and women to build chest muscles or beautiful breasts, also to boost the health of organs in your chest. Together with traditional yoga poses, quite a few variations will help you enjoy the unlimited benefits brought by yoga chest openers.

Daily Yoga (Hips) Daily Yoga (Hips) v2.7

Daily Yoga for Hips and Butt contains 17 carefully chosen yoga asanas for well toned buttocks and hips opening. We applied traditional yoga poses from which we also design beneficial variation to enhance the training effect.

Daltonism Test Daltonism Test v1.2

Color Blindness Test

Renk Körlüğü Testi

Deadly Blow Deadly Blow v1.0.1

Fighting lovers


Telefones e endereços dos órgãos do Sistema Nacional de Defesa Civil.

*Android 2.1

Dentist Patient Record lite Dentist Patient Record lite v15.0

Dental Patient Record ...
store general Patient data (name sex age photo number)
store case history (diagnosis , treatment)]

Detox Naturally Detox Naturally v1.4

Toxicity is one of the greatest concerns in the 20th century. This is because there are several factors contributing in the development of toxins in the human body such as stronger chemicals, water and air pollution, nuclear power, and radiation. Many people are ingesting new chemicals, using all kinds of drugs, eating more sugar as well as refined foods, and abusing themselves with various sedatives and stimulants.