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Vibro Morse Vibro Morse v1.1.2

Challenge Your senses! Enjoy a relaxing massage that can rise your spirits. Wanna know how? Using this little helper app you can utilize and apply not just three levels of massaging vibrations to part of your body, but also enter a customized message of yours that will be implied to your subconsciousness by vibrating its equivalent Morse code while playing a gentle wind-chimes sound for a effectively relaxing and thriving combination.

Nicotine Dependence Calculator Nicotine Dependence Calculator v1.0.4

Calculate dependence on nicotine.

Wake Up Light Wake Up Light v0.7

This Wake up light will make the screen of your mobile go on and be brighter until it reaches his brightest level at the Alarm time.

Weight Track Assistant Weight Track Assistant v2.8

An useful tool to help you track weight daily and archive your weight goal.

Farmadroid Farmadroid v1.2.3.8

Consulta farmacias de guardia que hay en tu zona. 2579 localidades de España.

Body Fat Calc GR Body Fat Calc GR v1.2.0

Body Fat Calc GR.Greek language. Ελληνικη εφαρμογή.

DrinkDroid DrinkDroid v1.0

Drinkdroid calcule une valeur approchée de votre alcoolémie et vous informe de la durée à attendre avant de prendre le volant.

Kosher Simbols Kosher Simbols v1.0

This app is designed to show you what kosher symbols on food are kosher and trustworthy and who is the 'Rav Hamshgiach' 'Supervising kosher authority'

1 Push-up to 100 1 Push-up to 100 v1.0.1

Make 100 push-ups in a row

Myrun Myrun v1.0

Welcome to myRUN beta 0.1

myRUN is a fun little app.
Get all your useful information for jogging as a beginner or a professional.

BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

Calculate your BMI.
The body mass index (BMI) is a heuristic measure of body weight based on an average person's weight and height

Lab Tests Lab Tests v1.0

Choose the list of tests to run (bloods, urine etc.) and have them grouped by Lab and container type.

PediResi - Pediatric Resident Helper.

Healthy Recipes Healthy Recipes v1.1

These recipes are best for the working mothers who have to rush for work and are worried for their family’s health too.
With beautiful interface and simple features, the app can be very useful for the people whose passion or profession is cooking. Divided into different categories it makes it easy for the people to make a choice of their favorite recipe.

SportyPal OS1.5 SportyPal OS1.5 v1.7.6

SportyPal helps you improve your running, cycling, roller-blading, skiing or any other outdoor workout activities.
- It logs your position, shows it on map, speed, distance, tempo, pace, altitude and calories burned.
- Draws elegant graphics charts of your performance.
- Facebook/Twitter easy share.
- Compete and share with FRIENDS worldwide.
- Set up GOALS
- Great community with web integration on
- Nice and easy UI

Table Tennis Rating Table Tennis Rating v1.1.5

Application create table tennis rating for small group of single players.
Player names and game results are entered and stored on device. Each player rating is calculated by game results.

Health Unlimited Health Unlimited v1.0.25

Your health should be your top priority. Stay up with the latest tips, news, articles, and discoveries related to health topics across the board...

A Fuzzy Memory A Fuzzy Memory v1.04

A Fuzzy Memory will train your short term memory to become stronger and faster. Tap Into the deeper realms of memory in this beautifully generated game landscape. Rivetting and haunting music as you test yourself and discover your inner savant using your senses of sight and sound. Become lost in the ambience of uniquely generated music in which no two games sound exactly the same. Share your experience with your friends and tell them to join in the challenge.

Heart Rate Zones Heart Rate Zones v071234219

Application allows you to calculate heart rate zones for many competitors.

SmokeSense Lite SmokeSense Lite v1.0

Think you can go without a fag for long ? Test Yourself !!! Analyze your smoking patterns with the best in class Tools, Stats and Graphs. Keep track on the money spent and get a sneak peak into your life expectancy.

**** LITE Version ****

Smoking free Smoking free v1.0

Quit smoking and track your savings