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human human v1.0.4

In this game you have to play the man, which can usually be found on the sign, but this game is not about how he zhyl in the sign, this game is about his adventures. In it you have to go through many levels, in order to help him get through the various worlds.

Space War Space War v3.7.8

Touch and move yourself, shoot enemies and catch bonus.
This game is a beta version of the shooting game. You can pick the shell to protect yourself.
You also can pick the score bonus to earn extra scores.
The enemies also will be able to shoot you, once you get hit, your life will be decreased.

The obstacles also will affect your life and score. The rocks only can be broken by the certain weapons. Otherwise, you have to avoid them.

Jumper Jumper v3.7.6

This is the new and improved Jumper game by JetKids. Use your device's accelerometer to move your character. Step on the blocks to jump, and avoid touching the flying horses. Keep track of your score and strive to break your record.

Use accelerometer to move character to step on the blocks to jump, and avoid to touch the flying horses.

FruitEater FruitEater v1.0

Fruit Eater is a unique water mini-game with realistic physics designed for mobile devices. Your mission is to help Hippo eat all the fruits as fast as it possible. Kids enjoy playing greatly, watching the water. Lift all of the drowned fruits up with a water flow by pushing the button. Stear your device to drive the fruits within stunningly realistic water scene.

Teen Squad Teen Squad v3.0

Lets catch some Ghosts!!!

Hey Ninja (jump and slice) Hey Ninja (jump and slice) v2.1.6

Watch the video to learn how to play! Become a ninja in the jungle: run, jump and slice monsters!

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens Santa Rockstar vs Aliens v1.0

Help Santa save Christmas by blasting the Aliens away.

Highway Zombie Annihilation Highway Zombie Annihilation v1.2

Shoot as many zombies as you can with the build-in canon on your sport car.

Whack A Mouse Whack A Mouse v1.11

A simple and funny game about mouse designed for relaxing. Let's get it now.

Shooter Smasher Shooter Smasher v1.3.8

Hungry and angry alien zombie mutant bugs, and their droids, are trying to eat your fruits. Defend and protect EVERY fruit at all costs!!!

Smash them ! Burn them ! Shoot 'em !

ForceAttack ForceAttack v1.0

The main goal of this game is to run max possible distance.

Unbalanced Platformer Unbalanced Platformer v0.2

Can you balance this messy platformer game?

GlowWar GlowWar v1.4

2D Shooting game

Phase Jumpers Phase Jumpers v1.2

Cute, fun, and challenging platformer.

Nitro FPS Nitro FPS v2

PVP Multiplayer FPS. Wage war, and fight for military dominance of the Compound!

Neon Slide Neon Slide v1.1

Huge armada of alien aliens prepares mass attack on your home planet, pulling in the region, more and more of their ships. To protect the special was built supergun "Neon Slide".
Do not let the enemy to break the defense of their native planet! Destroying everything that moves and does not move!

WeaponCam WeaponCam v1.1

Shoot them with your camera !

War of Galaxy War of Galaxy v1.0

War of Galaxy is a cool Shoot 'em up game.
You become the hero of the galaxy and shoot the invaders
in your powerful spacecraft with various weapons.

Ufo War Ufo War v1.0

Destroy the ufos and survive

Ninja Engage Ninja Engage v1.3

Engage your enemies unleashing the shuriken rage on them!
Have fun with the ninja and try to get 4 stars on each level!

Download the game now! It's free to play!